David Cameron Indulges in Some “Extremism” for Votes

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Just over a year ago, a furore had been triggered by none other than the neoconservative hate-mongers from the Student Rights group, a front organisation for the Zionist-funded and thoroughly bigoted Henry Jackson Society.  The furore was specifically around the practice of sex separation at universities.  An Islamic organisation had privately hired university premises for their own religious usage and the audience were set to be sex-separated – perfectly within the law and in keeping with the eventual guidance issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission during the hysteria. Thanks to the frenzy whipped up by the Student Rights group, and HJS’s prized links with the government courtesy of the Islam-hating neocon Michael Gove, David Cameron “weighed-in” into the debate.  Cameron, though, didn’t stop at merely preventing speakers from requesting a separated audience. In his neocon-driven adversarialism towards Islam and Muslims, he fanatically went further: the PM wanted a ban on men and women who chose to voluntarily separate themselves from one another.

Equality was the raison d’etre with a “possible” risk of discrimination.  The rationale was airy fairy at best.  He did stress that his views did not extend to places of worship.  Cameron couldn’t target places of worship as a matter of pragmatism, otherwise he would have targeted more than just the Muslim minority; he would have hurt the lobby groups which fund his Tory party.  Nevertheless, it certainly demonstrated David Cameron’s keen, concerted commitment and concern for gender equality.  The man went so far in his fight for equality that Muslim individual liberty and volition was defenestrated along with reason.

More fundamentally, sex separation in the religious context had already started to be associated with “extremism”, regardless of venue.  Gove had attacked “gender segregation” in the Muslim context a month before.  He (of course ignoring Jewish schools and Ofsted guidelines), proceeded to state that,

“I think its absolutely wrong to have any form of segregation.”

A suggestion otherwise, in his world, would mean gender inequality and therefore, “extremism” as defined by the authoritarian PREVENT Strategy.  Indeed, when the hysteria around universities achieved full tilt, Gove became explicit in his classification of “gender segregation” at universities:

“We should not pander to extremism. Speakers who insist on segregating audiences should not be indulged by educators.”

Thus, those who adhered to the religious practice, and the speakers who requested it became “extremists”.  It was an ideological assault.  This was reinforced when Michael Gove’s neocon lackey Peter Clarke, in assessing evidence for “extremism” repeatedly referred to alleged separation in classrooms in his sham investigation into the Trojan Hoax plot.

Surely, given Cameron’s privileged male-only school education, increasing gap in pay between men and women, under-represented women in the Tory party (pathetically compensated for by tokenistic female ministers who have no real power), and his fanatically confused commitment to gender equality, he wouldn’t publicly endorse sex separation by attending a “segregated” religious celebration?

Perhaps he would adopt the bizarre position laced in a coating of bigotry held by Jim Fitzpatrick, the infamous government minister who walked out of a Muslim wedding after realising he and his wife would be sitting in separate rooms.  Indeed, at that time sex separation was for him, “a sign of increasing radicalisation and was damaging to social cohesion”.  He even blamed the “strict” practice on the favourite glutton for neocon hate, Islamic Forum of Europe.

One would think, given his heart-aching apprehension for equality that Cameron would not indulge in the practice himself even if it was at a religious place of worship, especially given the fact that his aide Michael Gove regards the practice as “extremism”.  Nope.  Neoconservatism is about attaining and maintaining power. Principles, however distortedly established and however strongly felt when battering a (Muslim) minority, must be placed to the side through “pragmatism” to achieve this goal.

As such, David Cameron not only “pandered to extremism”, he fully engaged in it.

Recently, Cameron and his wife attended a Sikh Vaisakhi celebration where they were made to be separated, with David joining the men and Samantha the ladies. Is sex separation “extremism”? When the Sikh religious minority is the one group which is more likely to participate in elections, who cares about “extremism”? Engage in “extremism” now, only to beat Muslims and their beliefs with it when in power. Nice one Dave.


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