Police “supporting” Anti-Muslim Headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, DfE/Ofsted Ignore Potential Safeguarding Issues

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, Head Teacher of Anderton Park School

It seems as though my previous blog has triggered some activity around the anti-Muslim head of Anderton Park School.  The Birmingham Mail published an article reporting that the police were now “supporting” Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, who, as I highlighted, claimed that parents petitioning against what they deemed objectionable teaching material, dead animals in schools and a death threat (received as a text message in one report, and on Facebook in another), were evidence of the Trojan Hoax lies resurgent.

I requested evidence for these disparate claims, specifically, that these incidents were connected directly to the Trojan Hoax allegations as paraded at the NAHT Conference and subsequently in national newspapers.

I brought attention to the Guardian article which noted that West Midlands Police had no record of a complaint about the death threat being lodged at the time the claim was made, despite NAHT/Hewitt-Clarkson’s claims to the contrary. I requested a crime reference number as evidence that a complaint had been made at the time.

The fact that the police are now “supporting” Hewitt-Clarkson still does not remove the above contentions.  If anything it makes the opportunistic head’s “Trojan Horse” claims all the more vacuous.

I am still waiting for the evidence showing that her all her claims are, beyond reasonable doubt, linked to the lies which make up the disproven Trojan Hoax allegations.

As I highlighted in my previous blog, the publically-funded state school refused transparency in answering the questions given the express public interest in her claims.  The stoking of community tensions provides sufficient enough reason for answers to be demanded.  A concerned parent at Golden Hillock School and an active member of Sparkbrook community of Birmingham who has just successfully campaigned for the Labour MP Roger Godsiff, also Tweeted to ask for clarification.  The response he received was the same: he was duly blocked by Hewitt-Clarkson.

Why is there a culture of opacity around Hewitt-Clarkson and her allegations?

Ofsted Inaction

The Birmingham Mail report states that the Department for Education (DfE), the local authority and Ofsted are taking an on-going interest and supporting local schools. The question is, why is Ofsted not investigating the potential safeguarding issues which arise from such tension-stoking proclamations? Indeed, if the police were not informed at around the time of the incidents – which include death threats – then this would constitute a failure in safeguarding the children.  Judging by the militant way in which the DfE and Ofsted have reacted to hearsay allegations against Muslim teachers, one would think, that in world where words like “equality” are used to batter the Muslim community with, the response would be equally ferocious. Instead, the DfE and Ofsted are merely showing an “on-going interest” in the issue.  As if further evidence of structural Muslim minority discrimination was required.

As for the Birmingham Mail itself, it too continues to traverse an anti-Muslim posture in its reporting by highlighting the Trojan Horse allegations without mentioning that the claims were thoroughly rejected by the Education Select Committee. It further continues to imply that the contentions raised against the contested school material is the concern of Muslim parents only feeding into the bigoted Trojan Hoax narrative, despite the fact that Christian organisations have been forcefully campaigning to rally support and challenge the usage of the material in schools.

An anti-Muslim head teacher, discriminatory DfE and Ofsted, and a biased paper. Grand.

Postscript: I am aware of another article which was published yesterday in the Gaurdian. It indirectly makes a reference to my blog, and continues to recklessly perpetuate the Trojan Hoax lies in an increasingly anti-Muslim atmosphere. I have already drafted a response to it. Watch this space.

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