William Shawcross, Peter Clarke Invited to a Conference of Neocons, Apartheid-Supporters, Anti-Muslim Bigots


For much of the Muslim minority and from the perceptions garnered from my contacts working in the third sector, the impartiality of the Charity Commission and specifically the head, William Shawcross, is, to put it mildly, a running joke. A recent find by the journalist, Ben White, (posted on Facebook) has further added fuel to the pro-Israel, anti-Muslim fire.

William Shawcross the current chair of the Charity Commission and Peter Clarke, the individual who headed the investigations into Trojan Hoax allegations at Birmingham schools at the behest of Michael Gove, have been invited to a conference held in the Zionist entity. The Commission has confirmed that Shawcross has “politely declined” the invite, however this is unsurprising given the fact that he has had to come out and publically state he is not targeting Muslim charities and now needs to respond to a legal action which alleges that his Commission has exceeded its powers. The fact that he has made the itinerary of the conference does indicate that he may have initially accepted the invitation. Regardless, the fact that the conference organisers sought him fit to speak on a provocative topic speaks volumes about Shawcross and his neocon companion Clarke.

The Conference

The gathering is known as the Herzilya conference and is organised by the Institute for Policy and Strategy. Known as the “neocon Woodstock”, it is an orgy of “clash of civilisation”– pedalling neocons. Gershon Baskin, who leads the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information has said that,

“Herzliya is the place where the neocons get together to pat themselves on the back about being right about everything… That’s the mentality. They are right and everyone else just doesn’t get it.”

It has previously been a platform for racist assumptions against Arabs, where it has been suggested that “in the Arab world, there is no room for democracy”.

This year’s conference has its fair share of controversial characters too. Take for example Moshe Ya’alon, the current Minister of Defence. He is addressing the topic of “Israel’s National Security”. In the past he has said in the context of Palestinians that the “Palestinian threat” is an “internal threat” like cancer:

“There are all kinds of solutions to cancer. Some say it’s necessary to amputate organs but at the moment I am applying chemotherapy.”

He also believes that the land grabbing, nuclear-armed Israel is the David, while the Palestinians are the Goliath.

Last year, he disturbingly supported apartheid policies which would have banned Arab workers from buses. Around the same period he told students at a religious seminary in a Jewish West Bank “settlement” that the Obama Administration “won’t be around forever” and that once it is gone, the Zionist entity will resume construction in the settlements

Right at Home

Clarke and Shawcross were scheduled to speak at a discussion panel entitled, “Islam and BDS in Europe: A Strategic Threat?”


Shot of the itinerary listing Shawcross and Clarke as discussants

The neocon-deemed, “impartial” chair of the Commission, under who’s helm the Muslim/pro-Palestinian charities have been disproportionately targeted and “disrupted”, fits right at home in this conference.

To refresh our memory Shawcross is an unabashed neocon Zionist. This of course distorts his perception of the world where Muslims commit evil things, while Zionist crimes are whitewashed. In this world, according to Shawcross,

“Europe and Islam is one greatest most terrifying problems of our future…”

Muslims “abuse power” whilst Israel only makes “mistakes”. And the United Nations by the way are a “lynch mob” for condemning Zionist crimes. Shawcross’s own works positively reference authors whose writings have provided inspiration for convicted, massacring terrorists.

Is it not strange then, that the other person speaking with Shawcross on the topic of Islam and BDS is Peter Clarke, counter-terrorism expert? Clarke is blind to this “extremism” and understandably so: this “extremism” is not linked to Islam, or pro-Palestinian movements: wrong religion and wrong political slant.

The pro-Israel views extend to Clarke. Clarke, who headed the utterly biased investigation into the Trojan Hoax allegations, and whose methodologically flawed report has been discredited except in neocon circles, interpreted the PREVENT definition of “extremism” in a manner which effectively categorised the Orthodox Jewish group Neturei Karta as “extremist” for espousing “anti-Israel views”.

Note that Clarke sits as a board member of the Charity Commission.

Who else did the organisers see fit to call in this esteemed circle discussing the anti-Islam, politically-motivated topic? American Asra Nomani, the self-proclaimed, tupence-a-piece “liberal feminist Muslim” who believes that Muslims should be profiled, and their communities spied upon. She also supports notorious anti-Muslim bigot Wafa Sultan, who has called for nuclear strikes on the Muslim world and has demanded Muslims to “change or be crushed”. Sultan is predictably endorsed by Pamella Geller, and shares platforms with her and anti-Muslim bigot Robert Spencer, both of whom are banned from the UK. Both Geller and Spencer were frequently cited in the massacring, fascist, terrorist Anders Breivik’s 1500 page manifesto.

Peter Clarke will have his work cut out rooting out “extremism” at this conference!

Concluding Remarks

Thanks to the neocon penetration of the Charity Commission effectively making it an arm of the state, the Muslim minority, pro-Palestinian, anti-neocon Charities and organisations have been bearing the brunt of the police-state actions.  CAGE has recently launched a judicial review of the Commission’s “intense regulatory pressure” being applied to CAGE’s supporting charities.

There are some pointed questions which need answering. Why did such a pro-Zionist conference deem it fit for Peter Clarke and William Shawcross to discuss whether Islam and BDS constituted a strategic threat? Why did Shawcross decline his invite? And has Peter Clarke attended the conference? Finally, what on earth are these two politically-biased, anti-Muslim neocons doing in a body which supposed to be politically impartial?

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