Post-Trojan Hoax: The Purging of Muslim Governors

I have previously brought to attention the purge of Muslim teachers from the education sphere. Recently, I have been informed from multiple sources, that the next phase of the “Muslim purge” in the educational sphere has begun: governors. These include instances where teachers, though not expressly banned from teaching, are now indirectly unable to progress their careers as a result of the banning.

My sources in Birmingham have been able to obtain letters which the Department for Education (DfE) has been sending to Muslim governors (there are differences between the letters, I am told).



In relation to the reproduced letter, the individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, is being barred

“from taking part in the management of independent schools… it includes the post, paid or unpaid, which involves having responsibility for the management and supervision of a school.”

It further explains that,

“…being barred from management of an independent school would also disqualify you from being a governor of a maintained school.”

Indirect Ban on Teaching

My sources confirm that two Muslim governors, who are also teachers, have received a notice barring them both from holding management positions in schools. The barring clauses are so broad that it effectively bans them from furthering their career and becoming a part of the senior leadership team.


This decision has been ridiculously based on the “evidence” contained in the reports by Peter Clarke (who was appointed by neocon Michael Gove), Ofsted (which was compromised due to the relationship between Gove/Michael Wilshaw, and the Tory politicisation of Ofsted (see also how Gove’s Quilliam Foundation is working with Ofsted, here)), and the EFA (a child agency of the DfE).

Recall that Peter Clarke’s report was slammed by leading educationalists and academics in a letter to the Guardian, for being,

“…a biased mix of uncorroborated smear, anecdote, hoax and chatroom gossip… It reflects neoconservative assumptions about the nature of extremism; ignores significant testimony and viewpoints; implies the essential problem in Birmingham is simply the influence of certain individuals; discusses governance but not curriculum; ignores the concerns and perceptions of parents and young people; and is unlikely to bear judicial scrutiny.”

Untested, anecdotal, hearsay testimony is now being used to bar Muslim governors.

All the reports identify issues which are related to governance. If the argument is that there are governance failures, then I have documented allegations of misdemeanour against non-Muslim white governors who hold evangelical views. Tim Boyes, a head teacher (and therefore a staff governor by default), is alleged to be one of those involved in fabricating the Trojan Hoax letter. He is known to have supremacist views and has allegations of take over plots of his own. Instead of being investigated, he has been handed millions to deliver among other things, governor training. In subverting normal process, which was categorised as the hallmark of “Islamism”, allegations of nepotism and financial mismanagement can be found among white, evangelical Christians too (see here, here and here). Where are the banning orders against the aforementioned?

Indeed, what action has been taken against the lighter members of all these governmentally-damned governing bodies of the “Trojan Horse” schools?

Of course, the supremacist neoconservatism which coursed through the reports and entire Trojan Hoax fiasco ensures white privilege will dictate newly created standards to be applied primarily to the Muslim minority. As the renowned educationalist Tim Brighouse stated in his evidence to the Education Select Committee (which was of course completely ignored):

“…when trust or governor vacancies occur, some perpetuate the very English tradition of inviting friends to join them. When the community is white it doesn’t cause much comment. In mono-ethnic east Birmingham, however, it is seen as a Muslim plot to expose pupils to an undefined “extremism”.”

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