Springfield Primary School: Andrew Gilligan’s Lies, Twists and Distortions Exposed (*sigh* Again)

springfieldschoolandrewgilliganThis time last year I was feverishly writing away exposing the twists and distortions of state-propagandists like Andrew Gilligan, and key individuals involved in aiding the discriminatory persecution of the Muslim minority in Birmingham, vis-à-vis a plot which would form the basis for the Counter Terrorism and Security Act’s enshrinement of the duty to prevent radicalisation.

A year on, and I am fasting as I was last year. I am sitting down before my instrument of article-production, just like last year.  And I am still exposing Gilligan’s crusade against Muslims at the State’s (and media’s) complete ignorance of incidents revolving around teachers from an evangelical Christian background. His latest piece written a couple of months ago, targeted Springfield School in Birmingham.  As ever Gilligan continues to write articles showing one side of the story, pushing the narrative of “infiltration”, and problematic Muslims who are “criminally” exercising their right *shock and horror* to have a say in their child’s education.

The placement of the Trojan Hoax update is unusual: it is in a report which talks against criminalising “extremism”, and references Quilliam, which ironically has a key hand in the Trojan Hoax fiasco.  His report about Springfield is formulaic: a school is to be dropped into special measures and those pesky Muslims must have a hand in it.  As per his warped norm, he paints a picture where white head teachers are under “non-stop attack” by “radical” (which means Muslim, because only a Muslim can be a radical) governors; Muslims are the evil plotters; Muslims have rows over sex education; Muslims are against Christians and their practices; and Muslims are to blame for the school’s failures too.

Regarding the above claims, my sources in Birmingham state that they are typically either exaggerated or patently false.  For instance, a source close to the governing body states that there were certain aspects to the SRE which were questioned however, the issues lasted about a year, as opposed to three years (as reported in Gilligan’s piece). The remainder of the incidents were raised in a governing body meeting and were promptly dismissed as “bogus”.

Nasim Awan Smeared

A governor and parent at Springfield School, Nasim Awan, also comes in for attack to add to the narrative of “subversive Muslims”.  Gilligan quotes the Whatsapp group messages which he has used consistently to attack a number of teachers.  I was able to obtain a copy of the messages last year and have been able to provide the full context, exposing Gilligan’s selective quotation. Gilligan writes, that,

“On a social media group central to the plot, one of the Springfield governors, Nasim Awan, boasted about the “battles” he had “fought and won” at a “large inner city primary school” which led to its governing body becoming “polarised on faith grounds”.” 

What Gilligan fails to mention is the background, which is also present in the Whatsapp messages. Awan in a message highlights other faith groups struggling for their legal rights and extensively quotes various rights organisations and human rights treaties explaining that the religious background of children is to be taken into account in their educational development. The context of the Gilligan quote can be seen in earlier message from Awan:

01/12/2013 13:53:00: Nasim Awan: …Parents at a large inner city primary school did try & get SACRE to revoke a determination when they discovered HT didn’t consult the GB. Instead HT consulted an observer in a staff committee meeting! Parents were not consulted. SACRE said GB had to put in application to revoke.

In other words, the head teacher at this “large inner city primary school” seems to have sneakily change the determination type to that which was not reflective of the background of majority of the  children (80% are Pakistani according to the latest Ofsted report), as explained in the follow up message:

01/12/2013 14:08:05: NA: At this particular school, when HT renewed the Determination she changed the character from ‘wholly, broadly of an Islamic character’ to children pray in their own way & language!

It was for this reason, that the governing body therefore discussed the determination again, and it was in this context that Awan, a parent and governor at the school said,

05/02/2014 22:38:51: NA: A battle was fought and won tonight at a large inner city primary school where governors voted by a majority of 8 to 7 in favour of Collective Worship that is wholly or mainly of a broadly Islamic character thereby overturning five years of  ‘children pray in their own way and language’! The GB is now polarised on faith grounds.

Of course, Gilligan can’t fit all of the above in the propaganda piece, probably due to limitations on word count, or more likely because it would not be conducive to his negatively constructed Muslim archetype.

Awan’s views elsewhere on failing white children belonging to the lower socio-economic class are telling, and conveniently ignored by Gilligan. He challenges the notion that their “deprivation” is the sole factor, saying that there is “no mention of poor leadership, quality of teaching or learning”.

This drive to achieve for everyone, as well as the legal right of parents and children to reflect their religious and philosophical beliefs in the education sphere, is all missing from Gilligan’s propaganda.

Christopher Webb

Gilligan’s anti-Muslim attitude is most acute in his dealing with Christopher Webb, the headteacher at Springfield for whom teachers at the school are currently crying wolf.  Recall in the context of another Birmingham school, where a Muslim headteacher was employed, he was quick to highlight that prior to her arrival, the school was rated “outstanding” and upon arrival it was to be placed into special measures thereby misleadingly insinuating it was her fault that the school was not doing well.

Gilligan’s reporting suffers some paralysis in making similar remarks about Webb’s background. We are informed that the school is to go into special measures through a leak (who leaked this?).  What we are not informed is that with Webb’s departure from his previous school – St. Michaels CE (Handsworth) – came a particularly damning report highlighting low standards and achievement although it did note that things were improving under the new headteacher.  This report was published only a term after he left.

Ofsted vs Gilligan

According to Gilligan, teachers allegedly stated that the head was under “non-stop attack”.  Now that the report has been published, what does Ofsted have to say?

Ofsted’s report states,

Senior leaders have failed to tackle weaknesses in teaching and pupils’ achievement”.

And what about those governors who have placed the poor white head under “non-stop attack”?  The report identifies that,

“Governors have raised concerns about pupils’ achievement but have not held all senior leaders sufficiently to account. They have not ensured that leaders and teachers help all groups of pupils achieve well.”

In order for the school to improve, the report further encourages that,

“senior leaders provide governors with pertinent information about the achievement of different groups of pupils, so that governors can effectively hold all senior leaders to account for the progress of different groups of pupils.”

Despite the governance being described as “ineffective”, governors have “rightly queried and raised concerns about the school’s approach towards the performance management of teachers”.

Does this seriously sound like the headteacher being under “non-stop attack”?  Moreover, given the damning quality of teaching, perhaps the governors should have grilled Webb to ensure achievement. Indeed, this is precisely what Ofsted are suggesting!  Gilligan’s deception knows no bounds.

The scathing critique of the quality of teaching and management of the school is more a reflection of the head and senior leadership team.  As the report notes,

  • School leaders do not analyse records of behaviour incidents. Therefore, they do not know if pupils’ behaviour is improving…
  • Teachers are not told what they need to do to help different groups of pupils reach higher standards.
  • Teachers have low expectations for pupils’ achievement.
  • Teaching over time has failed to ensure that pupils in all year groups achieve well.
  • For too long, senior leaders have not ensured all pupils have an equal opportunity to succeed.
  • The systems for managing teachers’ performance are inadequate

What accentuates this failing – every single Ofsted category was rated inadequate – is the fact that Webb is also a part-time Ofsted inspector.

Setting up for Failure

When Webb took the helm of Springfield school, he allegedly blocked governors from fulfilling their strategic function and in particular, attending training.  My sources state that Birmingham City Council (BCC) was made aware of this on three separate occasions, and concerns around the schools failings were also communicated to BCC by parents. However the Council did not take any action.

The most shocking aspect of this entire debacle is that the headteacher remains at his post with complete impunity despite a highly critical Ofsted report, and despite receiving “inadequate” for leadership, which in any other school in the UK, would have led to a rapid change of leadership to ensure that pupils’ learning was not further damaged.

Rather, we see institutional discrimination in action as BCC proceeds to remove the governing body and institute an interim-executive board, whilst leaving the head completely untouched.

Tim Boyes and Revd. John Ray

This all sounds incredibly familiar and indeed Gilligan has tried to create the notion of a “bloodless coup” of the school which has resulted in special measures. Furthermore, Webb’s refusal of governor training also rings a bell.

Source: BBC, Tim Boyes

Source: BBC, Tim Boyes

The white supremacist, evangelical Christian connected to Riverside Church and alleged architect of the fabricated Trojan Hoax letter Tim Boyes, at the peak of the Trojan Hoax fiasco last year, sought to fan the flames stating that he raised issues of Muslims taking over schools while children were showing signs of “extremism”– claims which were allegedly regarded as bogus by Albert Bore and later found to be unfounded in a review into these claims. Boyes, who is allegedly well-known to hate governors and the idea of training them, (presumably because it empowers governors to hold power-hungry heads like him to account), is also the largest beneficiary from the Trojan Hoax fall-out, with his Birmingham Education Partnership receiving millions from the BCC.

Reverend John Ray, who revealed that Boyes and other noted Christian teachers had a hand in drafting the fabricated letter, was instrumental in coaxing disgruntled and under-achieving teachers at Golden Hillock School to add to Trojan Hoax claims.

My sources state that Webb is also a practising Christian and “acquainted with” Boyes and Reverend Ray’s circle.  Another source has stated that Boyes and Webb are “good friends”.

Colin Diamond Ensuring an IEB?

If we recall, Colin Diamond, along with David McVean have been instrumental in directing various changes at Park View School, through their proxy Kamal Hanif.  Diamond also facilitated the takeover of Oldknow School by ARK – an academy chain known to have connections with the head of Ofsted Michael Wilshaw, big corporations and Zionists who fund the Tories.

It seems he is now creating difficult conditions for the governors at Springfield, effectively forcing an IEB and eventual takeover by an academy like ARK. At a governing body meeting held a week after the Ofsted inspection, a BCC representative had said that the BCC would like to work with the governing body in its current constitution. However, a month after the inspection, the representative said that the BCC were now anticipating applying for an IEB to accelerate improvement and attainment.  The representative confirmed Colin Diamond had been consulted.

The deadline for governor’s response to being removed and replaced by an IEB has been set for Friday 17th July. My sources state that Diamond was asked for more time due to fasting in Ramadan and the Eid celebration which is around the date of the deadline.  However, this was refused and Diamond has only allowed 10 working days for a response, despite guidelines recommending a minimum of fourteen days (which can vary).

It is now being alleged that the BCC has already applied for an IEB, before an external review of governance has been completed, as per Ofsted recommendation.

Concluding Remarks

Gilligan’s bias is undoubted: his previous “hit” was a Muslim head teacher, who was undermined by white non-Muslim teachers before she even got there and when she did take charge, was consistently attacked. Yet Gilligan sought to rope her into his tediously strained Trojan Hoax allegations.  At Springfield, we have a white head teacher being painted as a victim, despite failing two schools in his career and despite claims of governors attacking him “non-stop”, completely contradicting the Ofsted report.

Gilligan just keeps being exposed for his ridiculously biased, shameless hatchet-jobs euphemistically categorised as journalism.

Whilst his status as a journalist humours, for the Muslim minority being subjected to his lies and distortions, the issue is most disconcerting.

One thought on “Springfield Primary School: Andrew Gilligan’s Lies, Twists and Distortions Exposed (*sigh* Again)

  1. Salam alaykum,

    Somewhat tangential to the discussion, and many will disagree with me, but this “freedom of speech” maxim of the ‘new world order’ seems to be useless when one side simply wishes to put known falsehood into the public sphere time and time again: The supposition underlying freedom of speech is that people have a sort of consciousness which will tell them to ignore falsehoods and organically deliver peddlers of untruth into oblivion, but it is clear now after all that happened to Jews in the past century and what might happen to us Muslims in the near future, that people really do not have this sense of consciousness at all, and freedom of expression is pursued not for intelligent discussions on important issues, but as the end itself, even if it is is known to the liars that they are lying and their speech is bereft of all intelligence.

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