David Cameron’s Upcoming PREVENT-Promoting Anti-Islam Speech and the Kamal Hanif Connection


A major event targeting Muslims is set to take place in Birmingham on Monday, I am told and it involves two individuals who on the face of it, have little connection with each other: Kamal Hanif and David Cameron.

A closer look at Hanif and his mind-set (or lack thereof) reveals that he is the type of person perfect for neoconservative exploitation.

Kamal Hanif: A Proxy for the DfE

In August 2014, I drew attention to the promises of engagement which were made by the head of academies and free schools, Colin Diamond, to the parents and former governors of Park View Educational Trust (PVET), the academy which was at the centre of Michael Gove’s incursion into Birmingham schools, under the pretext of the disproved Trojan Horse Hoax.

Instead what followed was the purge of existing governors and the dictatorial instatement of hand-picked governors. I revealed that among the hand-picked governors were those who were on the board of the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP), the organisation led by white supremacist and alleged architect of the Trojan Hoax letter Tim Boyes, which has recently received millions to “clean-up” schools in Birmingham, train governors and deal with “extremism” issues.

One person on the board of the BEP was Kamal Hanif, who was made the Chair for Park View, with backing from the Henry Jackson Society-linked, Gove-serving Khalid Mahmood.

Hanif was condemned by the informed local community (who felt insulted by Hanif) as a puppet who carried out the wishes of David McVean (Director of Academies, for the Central Region for the Education Funding Agency) and Colin Diamond, to the point that it was being alleged in September 2014, that Hanif was being fronted to push policies which would undermine Muslim pupils. Transparency between Hanif’s decisions and concerned parents was notably absent.

In November 2014, it was being alleged that Riverside Church-linked purported nepotist Jo Tyler (of Golden Hillock School, the second Park View Academy), Hanif and two individuals who are alleged to be involved in drafting the fabricated Trojan Horse letter, Matthew Scarrott, the former head of Golden Hillock School and Peter Slough (former head of Small Heath School), were seen together having a drink during the half-term holidays.

The following month, allegations of Hanif lying to parents surfaced. Hanif assured parents that Tony Wilson, the new principal of Golden Hillock School, had come through a rigorous process of recruitment. This was rebutted strongly by a source close to Wilson himself, who stated that Wilson said he had not been through a recruitment process and that he is there to help his friend Colin Diamond. Diamond had approached Wilson saying that he need someone at a PVET school. In other words, he was placed there to fulfil a role.

Last month I revealed that Hanif – who has no expertise whatsoever in counter-terrorism/extremism) – had now moved onto to the very lucrative, neocon/Zionist-steered counter-extremism industry, which is set to receive a financial boost if and when the Counter-Extremism Bill is given royal assent. He was being touted as the “highly-respected Birmingham headteacher” who is leading counter-extremism workshops with the women-abusing failed feminist Sara Khan, from the feminist/counter-extremism organisation “Inspire”.

It was worth noting that this “highly respected headteacher” is also the executive principal of Waverley Studio College, a free school set up less than two years ago as a flagship for a government scheme. Just over a week ago, it was rated “inadequate” by Ofsted.

But what do such things matter to the government when Hanif has worked subserviently, managing the crisis-stricken Park View for the DfE and now is diligently foisting PREVENT upon children? Indeed what difference do such failures make when the government has a use for you to fulfil their agenda?

David Cameron’s Speech: Attacking Islam…

Not content with smearing swathes of Muslims, the Independent reveals that a speech is to be delivered by David Cameron to Muslims in Birmingham where he will state that “only those in the Muslim community willing to take a stand against jihadist violence will be supported and those who ‘walk up to the border of illegality’ will be denounced”.

In other words, the “liberal society” in which a person is not to be punished or treated negatively except through express law, will come to an end. That great marker of Western civilisation which is only vociferously defended and treated as absolute when insulting figures in Islam – “free speech” – will not be so free anymore. It will come with a cost even if it is legal.

Because the context of the speech is Islam and Muslims, the above reality fails to dawn upon on liberal blowhards and the wider society.

Cameron’s speech, like his ludicrous “quietly condoning” Slovakia speech is set to continue the State-sanctioned Muslim minority discrimination. It will be given in a Muslim majority area to a crowd of Muslims in which he will attack Islam and protect those who have influenced the counter-extremism discourse (Zionists, see here, here and here):

“There are Muslims who say they are not advocating violence, but who still deny the Holocaust, question Israel’s right to exist, and whether men and women and Jews and Muslims should mix.”

According to the report Cameron, elucidating elsewhere, has said,

“These are unacceptable views. We’ve got to call them out and confront them… We’ve got to defeat the narrative of extremism, even when it’s not connected to the violence… It’s the narrative that is the jumping-off point for these young people to then go and join this dreadful death cult in Iraq and Syria,”

I’ll ignore the fact that some of the views mentioned exist in other faith groups yet struggle to attract the label of “extremism” (see here and here), therefore accentuating the reality of Muslim minority discrimination. People who adopt mainstream Islamic beliefs of sex separation, the belief in the establishment of a Caliphate, political viewpoints which question the Zionist entity’s existence (maybe because the finger points back to historic British/Zionist deception), will be “denounced” as extremists and subject to a plethora of planned measures to target those categorised as such. In other words, Muslims will be effectively criminalised for their legally-held beliefs which are not connected to violence. Thought-police anyone? This is state-interference with religion through the backdoor of the “extremism” discourse. This is persecution of the Muslim minority in the literal sense of the word.

…Protecting Israel

The categorisation of questioning the Zionist entity’s existence as an “extremist narrative” is most interesting. When an academic conference was to be held at the University of Southampton in April 2015, the Zionist lobby vociferously attacked it, engaging in subversion tactics in order to have the event cancelled. The Board of Deputies of British Jews – a lobby group which has influenced domestic counter-extremism policies which mainly target Muslims – was among those who urged the event to be cancelled. Its president had this to say,

“It [the academic conference] is formulated in extremist terms.”

Three months later, we have Cameron duly including “questioning the legitimacy of the state of Israel” as an “extremist narrative”.


A Failed Policy

Moreover, Cameron clearly articulates the conveyor-belt theory which is thoroughly refuted by leading figures in the counter-terrorism field (like Marc Sageman who states that there is no correlation between religiosity and terrorism). Even the Mi5’s studies contradict Cameron stating that, “a well-established religious identity actually protects against violent radicalisation”. Recently, in an “unprecedented intervention” 280 academics, lawyers and public figures attacked the counter-extremism strategy PREVENT, for its “chilling effect” on open debate, free speech and political dissent.

Given how Cameron and his neocon cabal are aggressively attempting to shape the “right” Muslim beliefs and political views which fit a neoconservative worldview, one finds it hard to disagree. Indeed, when the professoriate come out in one voice condemning a particular policy, one would be a fool to continue building on such a manifestly failed policy.

Kamal Hanif Connection

And the purpose of such a verbose critique of Cameron’s impending patronising, discriminatory diatribe? We return to Kamal Hanif.

My sources state that Cameron is to convey the above anti-Muslim speech at Hanif’s school (Waverley) in Birmingham on Monday. Given Hanif’s history as a proxy for the DfE and his new capacity in delivering PREVENT workshops, and Cameron’s doomed neocon-premised, probably Quilliam-tweaked counter-extremism speech*, there could not have been more synergy between the visitor and the host. I chuckled when I read a comment on ratemyteachers.com. A few commenters highlighted his “arrogance”, whilst another added further detail and noted:

“Particularly with asian muslim staff he is very firm and strict. He is very funny with the english staff.”

Discriminatory treatment? Perfect for neocons then. Cameron has come to give Hanif a proverbial pat on the back for his work undermining the Muslim minority.

Kamal Hanif. A puppet enabling the persecution of the Muslim minority.

*Update: Quilliam’s Maajid Nawaz states he “helped” with Cameron’s speech. See here.

*Update 20/07/2015, 11:50am: My sources state that the venue for the event may have changed to another school. I have the name but I am awaiting corroboration of information.

*Update 20/07/2015: venue of the school has been changed to school in Birmingham called Nine Styles.

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