Lies Spin and Distortion: Archive of Articles on Andrew Gilligan’s Anti-Muslim Journalism

Andrew GilliganLiar

Andrew Gilligan has attained notoriety for his focussed attack on Muslims and Islam through the prodigious use of spin, deception and lies.  Over a decade ago he seemingly did the same, this time punching upwards and exposing the infamous Iraq dossier as being “sexed-up” by Alastair Campbell.  In all honesty, I feel he became the victim of an establishment witch-hunt, in similar vein to the treatment of the American awarding-winning journalist Garry Webb, and more recently, the government’s thorn, the accountability-seeking CAGE.

However, over the years Gilligan, it seems, realised that if you punch down attacking a single minority, internalising the Hutton inquiry’s critique (making “unfounded” claims) in a warped case of self-fulfilling prophesy, job prospects are not only secured but improve. Serving the state as opposed to holding it to account as per the function of journalism is certainly more lucrative.

In the past, websites like Islamophobia Watch have catalogued his spin and “unfounded” claims.  Over the past couple of years I myself have been in a unique situation to verify the claims Gilligan churned out in various reports in the context of the Trojan Hoax plot through a network of sources, obtaining pieces of evidence which Gilligan was using only to confirm that he was applying his own distortions and giving statements made by Muslim teachers meanings which were not originally intended.

There is a lot that can be written and I certainly have attempted to document the little I could about Gilligan’s propaganda. A number of individuals have requested that I catalogue my exposés of Gilligan’s propaganda pieces in an accessible form.

Below are the major pieces I have written and/or collated:

  • A summary of Gilligan’s past smears which have been exposed by others including journalists. Attention is also brought to his bigoted appreciators in the neocon camp: Click here.
  • Gilligan’s failure to even mention the list of procedural irregularities in the Ofsted inspections during the Trojan Hoax incursion demonstrates his one-sided crusade: Click here.
  • A comprehensive exposition of selective information, distortion and outright lies utilised in his reporting around Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham, including a demonstration of how his reporting stoked anti-Muslim hate: Click here.
  • A further demonstration of Gilligan’s pro-establishment bias, support for the lack of government accountability, distortion of an Arabic YouTube title which condemns ISIS to portray support for it, spin applied to the Whatsapp messages to prove a “takeover plot”, and blatant promulgation of unsubstantiated claims which turn out to be false: Click here.
  • An example of Gilligan basing an entire article on the premise of possibility, in which lies are regurgitated, mainstream Islamic views are attacked as “extreme”, quotes are decontextualized and cherry-picked, and three statements are stitched together in a fashion to produce a sinister result: Click here.
  • Gilligan perpetuates propaganda increasing tensions between Muslims and Jews. He regurgitates lies; belittles anti-Muslim hate crime; positively projects the Jewish community and identifies anti-Jewish hate crime as serious; ignores neocon hate and attacks by far-right on Jews: Click here, follow up piece with further statistical evidence can be accessed here.
  • Gilligan’s lies, selective information, distortions and smears are exposed in the context of Small Heath School in Birmingham. Also exposed is his categorisation of Islamic practices as “extreme”, and white privilege mentality in his writing about Muslims and white, non-Muslims: Click herea follow up piece evidences his lies here.
  • MEND’s expose on Gilligan. Topics addressed include Gilligan’s double-standards in failing to address far-right-linked neocons, false allegations against the charity Muslim Aid, unfounded smears against Alyas Karmani and others, and a rebuttal of claims against MEND: Click here.
  • Abdullah Andalusi shows how Gilligan ridiculously distorted his views: Click here
  • Azad Ali demonstrates Gilligan’s use of decontextualisation and selective quotation to demonise him: Click here
  • I expose Gilligan’s selective quotation from the same evidence he uses to smear a Muslim.  Also demonstrated is the creation of a picture in which Muslims are to blame, whilst exonerating a non-Muslim white headteacher who has a history of failing schools: Click here
  • MEND publishes a comprehensive report decontructing the lies and spin used against MEND and some of its staff in the run up to the 2015 election: Click here
  • MEND again exposes Gilligan’s shoddy journalism (“links” without any proof) attacking politically active Muslim organisations. Click here
  • Andrew Gilligan’s attempt to undermine the popular movement against PREVENT is analysed. Click here
  • Jahangir Mohammed exposes Gilligan’s distortions regarding himself in the above article dedicated to undermining the popular movement against PREVENT. Click here.
  • Telegraph issues an apology and retraction of claims made by Andrew Gilligan. Click here.

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