MEND’s Response to Andrew Gilligan Exposes His Pathetic “Journalism” as a Front for Neocon/Zionist Propaganda

Andrew GilliganLiarI have been wanting to examine Andrew Gilligan’s spin against MEND for some time, however, the original sources regarding the specific allegations made Gilligan were not available and hence I was unable to document his usual concoction of lies, spin and utter lack of veracity in his claims.  MEND, it seems, have been busy themselves having published a comprehensive response exposing Gilligan’s “journalism” as a facade for neocon/Zionist-agenda supporting propaganda.  The link to the report is below. I have to add, it is really well constructed.

Leading up to the 2015 General Election Andrew Gilligan wrote a number of articles in The Telegraph which made reference to MEND and some of its staff. MEND believes his articles were politically motivated containing a series of factually incorrect statements and totally misleading insinuations which grossly misrepresented statements made by MEND staff. We present below a response to his comments and set the record straight on all the allegations.

This document covers the following:

1. MEND – The organization
2. Gilligan’s attacks on MEND
3. Gilligan’s crusade against Azad Ali, Head of Community Development and Engagement

PDF: MEND’s Response to Andrew Gilligan


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