Coming Soon: How the Trojan Hoax Plot Affected Bradford

Carlton Bolling

Above: Carlton Bolling College – a school which was caught in the Trojan Hoax Smears

Previously, my articles exposing the Trojan Hoax plot pretext which was required to found the authoritarian, assimilationist and discriminatory PREVENT Strategy into statute, have centred on Birmingham for the obvious reason that this was the focal point of Westminster’s neoconservative assault on schools in Muslim-majority areas.

The fallout of the incursion however, was felt elsewhere, and sadly, due to being inundated with the information from Birmingham and thus subsequently processing this information through to the blogs, I was unable to cover other cases. I was able to briefly cover London, in which Muslims were affected with the same neocon fantasy. From the various blogs written, though, it was clear that facts were forced to fit a particular narrative which gave neocons like Michael Gove the legitimacy needed to push their closed-society policies.

The fallout last year, however, extended to Bradford also. Here, two schools were affected which were initially widely reported by an injustice-complicit media. Exploiting the hype of the Trojan Hoax/anti-Muslim sentiment and adopting the rhetorical garb of the disproven Trojan Hoax plot, Muslim governors were smeared and subsequently removed through a combination of subterfuge tactics allegedly coordinated between non-Muslim, white senior teachers and employees of the Bradford Local Authority, breaking and turning a blind eye (ironically) to protocols and guidance found in the Department for Education guidelines, and fulfilling an agenda of personal gain and nepotism – all at the shocking cost of the education of children.

Of late, I have been able to uncover tracts of evidence which explain the Bradford schools conjuncture and support the abovementioned version of events in Bradford, and which have in the main been hitherto nationally unknown or wilfully ignored by relevant bodies and media.

As ever, blogs will be evidence-based as far as possible – names will be named, minutes of meetings quoted, and I will also examine the circumstances pertaining to Ofsted’s inspections in the Bradford schools. This will inexorably mean that the pieces will tangentially expose propaganda masquerading as “journalism”, including Andrew Gilligan’s lies and spin in his reporting of the incidents in Bradford.

Those who have potentially ruined the lives of innocent children need to be exposed and held to account. The wheels of justice seem to possess the quality of static inertia; I hope my upcoming blogs can overcome this and at least set them in motion.

Watch this space.


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