Bradford Trojan Hoax Exposed (4): Bradford Council Categorised “Religious Conservatism” as an “Issue” During Trojan Hoax Affair

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The Bradford Council’s bias has been extraordinary in the case of Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College. From procedural impropriety to using outright lies, the Council’s bias certainly maintains the institutional discrimination that became the hallmark of the Department for Education and Ofsted under the auspices of the neocon Michael Gove.

Michael Jameson, strategic director of the children’s services at that gave statements in reports which were promoting a narrative rapidly being carved and characterised by “problematic”, “hardline” Muslim teachers and governors pressuring non-Muslim white teachers out of jobs. At that time Jameson stated that he “was liaising with West Yorkshire Police over potential issues that may arise locally,” but added that no schools were being investigated under allegations made in the Trojan Hoax letter. During that period, the governing body at Laisterdyke was also removed thanks the collusive activities between Jen McIntosh and the Council, which masked failures of the school and deflected the blame on to the governors. This too was highlighted within these reports, thus accentuating the Trojan Hoax mood without explicitly doing so by name.

My sources close to the Council state that a narrative which implicitly gave credence to Trojan Hoax allegations was diffused via various connected individuals who were later aggrandised by the government (this will be the subject matter of another piece). At Laisterdyke, religious issues were virtually non-existent. As I have catalogued in my previous blogs, meetings between the Council, and even the IEB application to remove the governing body had focussed on the notion of “impeding progress”. Having sifted through email after email and minutes after minutes connected to Laisterdyke, I could not find a single reference to theological issues being cited as a cause for the removal of the governing body.

Jameson, however, circulated a “10 Pointer Briefing Note” on the 13th of June 2014, which reveals the attitude that had permeated the Bradford Council. In the third point, Jameson wrote,

“There is no evidence of Islamic extremism being introduced into our schools. There are issues of school governance, of religious conservatism and the behaviour of a tiny minority of governors in a small number of schools.”

Indeed the question which needs to be raised is, why is “religious conservatism” (devoid of any actual context) placed among “issues” affecting schools in a sentence which starts off talking about “Islamic extremism”? Would being a Jewish or Christian conservative governor also be an “issue” too? Indeed why was this slipped in at all when there is patently no mention of this “issue” prior to this circular?

This evidences further unsubstantiated claims clearly influenced by the Trojan Hoax lies. More pertinently, this is damning evidence against the Bradford Council of an institutionally discriminatory attitude towards Islam and Muslims.

Copy of Leaked Confidential Document:



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