Discriminatory Dixons Trinity Academy Expects Muslim Pupils to Come into School on Eid Day

Dixons Academy coming into schools after EID

A shocking letter from a Bradford school has surfaced on the social network asking parents to inform the school as to which lessons they are going to attend on the day of Eid.

Dixons Trinity Academy asserts that though “the school policy does allow students to take up to one day for each religious festival”, apparently, “most students come into school after Eid prayers in the morning ensuring they able to maintain their outstanding attendance”.

The upshot of the letter is that if Muslim pupils do decide to taken the day off, it may be counted as an authorised absence, thus depriving them of rewards for 100% attendance.

The blatant discrimination being perpetuated against the largely Muslim democrgaphic of the school seems to be lost on the school.

Interestingly the CEO and executive principal of Dixons Academies Trust is Nick Weller. During the Trojan Hoax fiasco last year, Weller contributed to the lies and spin against Muslim members of the education in Bradford. On the 10th of June 2014, he is reported to have stated,

“There’s a co-ordinated attempt by a small group of unrepresentative people, whose views are not shared by most of the Muslim parents that I talk to, to gain greater control of governing bodies in Bradford and advance their agenda.”

The reality of these statements will be assessed in upcoming blogs, but suffice to say, it seems that the indifferent attitude to the treatment of Muslims in the education sphere seems to have extended to pupils, where they are evidently being treated as unequal to their non-Muslim counterparts.

Other schools in the area have allowed pupils to take days off for Eid.


2 thoughts on “Discriminatory Dixons Trinity Academy Expects Muslim Pupils to Come into School on Eid Day

  1. i go to that school and i have to say what a joke i think that letter was. the part that had me laughing was when apparently most students come back after the Eid prayer… nobody does that

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