Exposed: How the BBC Targeted the Muslim Minority during Trojan Hoax Fiasco


When the dust settles and the reality of neocons is more publically known, history will recall the discriminatory nature of the entire Trojan Hoax fiasco, in which Islam and Muslims were dragged through dirt based upon fabricated allegations of takeover plots which have yet to be proven till this day. The same sort of allegations, incidentally, which could be found in other minorities (see here and here), but were only solely focussed upon in the context of the Muslim minority, constituting Muslim minority discrimination.

Most of the press, reflecting their churnalistic function contrasting with genuine journalism, hopped upon the neocon bandwagon to create the pretext necessary for the totalitarian measures, which the government is now looking to legislate for.

Here, the BBC’s Muslim minority discrimination through its line of questioning is exposed.

Sources have forwarded a response to a Freedom of Information request for correspondences between Bradford Council officials and schools which were roped into the Trojan Hoax hype last year. In it, the assistant director of communication, Alison Milner, consults with other Council officials, including the biased Paul Makin, about her draft response to the BBC. The response is drafted for the head of Carlton Bolling College in Bradford.

Of pertinence, however, are the questions which have been emailed by the BBC to the Council for their responses.

Mentioning only “Islamic extremism”, the unnamed BBC journalist sees it fit to discriminatorily focus on how Muslim pupils are catered for:

I understand that a large proportion of the pupils at the college are from ethnic minority backgrounds and I would like to know the specific ways in which the school caters for Muslim pupils?

Presumably, the “specific ways” in which the school would have been catered for Muslim pupils would have provided the requisite ammunition to demonstrate “Islamic influence” and therefore some tenuous link to Trojan Hoax allegations.

Further demonstrating the targeting of Muslims, the journalists asks:

I understand that the current governing body is Muslim-dominated, and I was wondering whether there are any concerns about this?

The pernicious assumption running under this question is that a majority Muslim governing body may raise concerns by virtue of it being “Muslim-dominated”. In other words, this is colour-blind racism. The Council responds rather sensibly, stating the obvious: it reflects the community background of the pupils. Clearly it seems only a white power structure is normal for the BBC.

The BBC continues, targeting Muslims through affliation of “religious organisations”:

“Finally, does the college have any affiliation to religious organisations in Bradford, such as the Bradford Muslim Education Forum or the Muslim Association of Bradford?”

The sickening nature of the line of questioning is evident to the objective observer: replace “Muslim” with “Jew” or “black” in any of the above questions and ponder whether such questioning would be deemed acceptable. Would the journalist in question ask about concerns if a governing body was “Jewish-dominated”?

Yet another example of the Muslim minority discrimination perpetuated with aplomb during the Trojan Hoax lies.

Screenshot 1 (Click image to enlarge):

FOIBBCMuslimminorityDiscrimination1Screenshot 2 (Click image to enlarge):



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