Bradford Trojan Hoax Exposed (7): A Preconceived View of the Muslim Vice-Chair of Governing Body

LaisterdykeTrojanHaox LiesBradfordCouncilOver the past several blogs around two Bradford schools which became entangled into the Trojan Hoax circus act, I have detailed using evidence how the Council had operated in a spurious and biased manner seemingly dedicated to removing the governing body regardless of the facts. These can be accessed here:

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In the last blog, I mentioned that I had been forwarded an FOI response detailing Council discussions. Among these discussions is more evidence of an early indication to push forward with an Inter-Executive Board (IEB), thus removing the governing body, courtesy of a prejudiced view of incoming female Muslim governor taken from the viewpoint of the now replaced Principal of Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College, Jen McIntosh.

Bearing in the mind that the Bradford Council removed the governing body in mid-April 2014, an email from December 2013 shows how the Council had already adopted the position of the Principal, characterising the Muslim female governor who had yet to even become the Chair of Governors as someone not keen on the leadership in the school. In an email from Clive Linnett, the School Governance and Workforce Development Officer, dated 12th December 2013, the Principal’s viewpoint is taken as the accepted narrative. Linnett relays what I believe is David Thompson’s perception on the stance on the situation at Laisterdyke. The names have been redacted, however an email trail from a day before discussing a “difficult GB meeting” with the same recipients, shows Thompson’s email address.


David Thompson’s email, 11th December 2013

David Thompson was the Senior Achievement Authority of Officers assigned by the Council to provide support to Laisterdyke School. As already covered in detail, Thompson was distinctly partisan toward the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), masking their incompetency. This email in particular confirms the bias; instead of advising the governing body Thompson was feeding information back to the Council, laying the foundations for an IEB.

Linnett conveys Thompson’s point to be “emphasised”, that,

“The vice-chair who will probably be elected chair is lukewarm in her confidence about the present leadership’s ability to take the school forward.”

The above quote indicates to a preconceived negative view of the vice chair. Further entrenching the pro-Principal stance of the Council, the governing body is described as “excessively detailed in its demands and dilatory in taking its decisions”.


Clive Linnett’s email, 12th December 2013

It is this early view which crystallised and led to the eventual removal of the governing body, leaving the senior leadership team of the school intact. This provides further evidence which reinforces my earlier analysis that the removal of mainly Muslim governors from Laisterdyke was pre-meditated.


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