Al-Hijrah School – Shocking Allegations of Deceiving Parents/Ofsted as Birmingham City Council/Ofsted Sit on the Claims


Journalist outside Al-Hijrah school last year in strange position

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I last wrote about Al-Hijrah School and the incompetency and distortions exhibited by state propagandist Andrew Gilligan and the Birmingham City Council. Al-Hijrah school is one of the first Muslim schools that was dragged into the anti-Muslim vacuum that was the Trojan Hoax and resulted in disturbing consequences for the school – even though it was already a faith school. Al-Hijrah School – a school with an Islamic ethos – had its governing body and senior leadership team purged of Muslims and replaced with non-Muslims who allegedly later denigrated the Islamic ethos of the school.

The saga continues as the key theme around Al-Hijrah – the one-sided reporting by the biased press –

persists. Whilst bogus “Muslim wrongs” were splattered across the pages of Birmingham Mail and the Daily Telegraph, there has been utter silence on outrageous allegations made against the good white master folk who replaced the backward and uncivilised Muslims.

This duplicitous standard, however, will continue to be exposed.

Whistleblowers have forwarded shocking information which seems to be willfully being ignored by both Birmingham City Council and Ofsted. Some of my sources have been able to corroborate the information present in this blog.

It is also alleged that this information has been passed on to Ofsted and the Birmingham City Council, however, the BCC is failing to act, whilst Ofsted have yet to respond to the concerns.

Tweaking Stats and Deceiving Parents/DfE

It is being claimed that the governing body and the senior leadership team have “misreported” and therefore misled both parents and the Department for Education to give the perception of better attainment.

The Key Stage 4 (GCSE) results for August 2014 were accidently on purpose reported lower than what was actually achieved: 70% reported instead of 74-75%. The school then informed parents that the school achieved 81% in 2015 however, the DfE website itself identifies the attainment at KS4 at 79%. This given the false impression that the school increased its performance by 11%, as opposed to the actual 4% increase. The white leadership then boasted in a letter to parents giving the false impression that the school increased its performance by 11%, as opposed to the actual 4% rate.

Sources close to the school state the GB and SLT have announced to the staff that “our results are so good” that it will “shame Ofsted into removing special measures” – an interesting claim given the school was already the best performing school of its type within a 75 mile radius when it was dropped into special measures and had its governing body removed.

Clearly not content by potentially misleading people with KS4 results, it is alleged that the school has also fabricated KS1 and 2 results to mislead Ofsted. Shockingly, my sources state that externally moderated work was changed to reduce the gap between high achievers and low. In spite of this, the primary results in 2015 are one of the lowest ever at a poor 67%.

The scandal grows as the SLT, with approval of the IEB, is said to have deleted historical pupil attainment data for the Primary school (Al-Hijrah has both Primary and Secondary schools), nullifying Ofsted’s ability to compare pupil attainment data with past metrics.

Special Educational Needs pupils are also suffering from data fettling and poor management. SEN data have been described by sources closed to the school as “predominantly fictitious”, with “individual learning plans” being drafted without actually assessing vulnerable children or consulting teachers. Moreover, the school recruited a SEN teacher in September 2015 knowing that she would be retiring up to two terms later, in the process demonstrating poor judgement and instability in the IEB and SLT.

By the standards which Muslims have been held to post-Trojan Hoax, the school would have been crucified in the press, neocons would be harping on about “Islamist tactics and deception” reinforcing the Trojan Hoax tropes, Michael Wilshaw would be writing letters to Nicky Morgan, and Nicky Morgan would be threatening Nazi-esque criminal sentences and property closures, probably at the command of anti-Muslim neocon Michael Gove.

As it is, Wilshaw won’t care, because the people in power are those who have been put in place to fix the “Muslim problem”. There is more yet to come, and further allegations will be exposed in upcoming blogs. Watch this space.

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