If David Cameron did a Christmas Message like his Eid Message


David Cameron’s Eid Message, here.

My comment on it at that time, here.


David Cameron’s Revised Christmas Message

This Christmas we see the best of British Christian values.

We see unprecedented charity, merry gift giving and Christmas cheer in the air.

We see festive community spirit, with the religious prohibition of Christmas being made a sign of extremism, and Muslim organisations actively saying they have no plans to ban the celebration. It really is great, rather like the time when affluent Western Jews were pressured into conformity and posed for portraits with their extended families in front of elaborately decorated Christmas trees to demonstrate the levels of Europeanisation and secular inclusion.

With austerity in full swing, the wealth inequality increasing, low paid workers unable to take time off work, and millions starving here in our great country, preparing for Christmas hasn’t been easy.

And at this difficult time, we think about what life is like now across the world for those in the Iraq, and Syria – families like ours – who bear the fruits from the seeds sown by the Christianist extremism found in the War on Terror. Had the Christianists Tony Blair, from whom I take inspiration from, and George Bush not launched their endless war, it is likely that we would not be seeing this scale of human suffering. Russian Christianists, learning from their Western counterparts, are now backing Putin’s “Holy War” in Syria where 200 innocent human beings have already perished. Elsewhere we have seen people being burnt at the stake, and mass beheadings of Muslims. Mosques in Europe have been attacked, Christianist groups have been “invading” them and “reclaiming them for Christ”, and the so-called “Christian State” has threatened to kill all Belgian Muslims.

I know that Churches across Britain may or may not have dedicated their sermons to remembering these victims.

This terrorism is not just an assault on those victims. It’s not just an assault on Christianity, whose good name it perverts. It’s an assault on us all, on our way of life, and we must defeat it.

So as families and friends come together this Christmas to share food and presents, to think of others, let’s think about the better Britain and world we must build together.

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