The British Neocon Way of Banning the Veil



How does one go about banning a minority (niqabis) within a minority (Muslim women) within a minority (Muslim) from public institutions without calling it a ban?

The following method to “ban without banning” has been deduced from Michael Wilshaw’s latest colonialist pronouncements intimidating education institutions into banning the veil, and past dictations from the fascist neoconservative elite bravely discriminatorily targeting veiled Muslim women.

1. Tell everyone you love freedom, which is your way of life. Everyone believes you because you are a white man in a suit, not realising that this freedom comes with provisos which requires the people to conform to/worship the state.

2. Tell the people that you wouldn’t ban the niqab because that’s illiberal and not “British” but you will support public institutions and “give full backing” to those who do because that’s apparently liberal and British, and we shouldn’t be going “backward”.

3. Make up spurious and empirically baseless claims that communication “may” be affected by a thin piece of cloth and propagate as truth because the white man in a suit is saying so and fear and prejudice in society is running high.

4. Announce that if Ofsted inspectors judge (not the teachers or students) that the niqab hinders communication then the institution will be declared inadequate, thus constituting a veiled (pun fully intended) threat which will intimidate schools into effectively banning the niqab.

5. Sit back, sip some mulled wine, smell the regulatory “freedom”, and stroke your own white liberal ego in the elite, superior knowledge that you have “freed” some brown Muslim women from their own choices, saved them by isolating them, and granted them the freedom to choose between their faith and education.

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