Have British Politics become Israeli Occupied Territory?


The British government’s campaign against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement, which sees public authorities and possibly student unions prohibited from boycotting companies effectively operating illegally in Palestinian occupied territories, is morally bankrupt at the least, and an endorsement of violations of international law and various illegal settlements and annexations.  Moreover, it is an unfettered threat to local democracy and the much vaunted “British value” of free speech – remember that one?

In a detailed piece on the role of dual, British/Israeli nationals and their loyalties, I highlighted how pro-Israeli backers of David Cameron, his party, and those like Greg Clarke who promote Zionist massacre-whitewashing lobby groups, have articulated and realised their aim of using law to suppress the BDS movement.

Pro-Israel activists like the aforementioned meanwhile, have acted as conduits for not British interests, but Zionist ones, to the detriment of the reputation of Britain. For all of David Cameron’s spiel of human rights and accountability, and promoting these “British values” internationally, he has acted as effective muscle to force through policies for an entity which has lost its legitimacy, and which continues to demonstrate this.

“Worse than Apartheid South Africa”

The Israeli Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot recently highlighted that “there have been cases in which a 13-year-old girl with scissors or a knife got into a confrontation with soldiers. I don’t want a soldier to empty a magazine on a girl with scissors.” He further stated that the IDF cannot operate on the Talmudic saying “whoever comes to kill you, kill him first”.  Instead of welcoming the notion that people should not be trigger-happy with children, his statements initiated a “firestorm” as he was attacked by mainly right-wing Israeli politicians.

However, this is merely a reflection of the debasement and dehumanisation of Palestinians.  Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon continued this theme recently by arguing that there was no comparison “between Israeli and Palestinian mourning” because “Palestinian society seek death and seeds destruction”.  This is nothing but racism designed to normalise the killing of Palestinians.

Condemnation of the Zionist entity’s behaviour has come from various quarters.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon called Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem an “affront” to not only the international community but also to Israel’s commitment to a two-state solution. A former UN special rapporteur on Palestine, John Dugard, in a recent interview stated that “Israel’s crimes are infinitely worse than apartheid South Africa”.

The Zionist military implements the Dahia doctrine – drafted by the aforementioned Gadi Eizenkot – which virtually guarantees the killing of women and children when used in Gaza. This is a military which had in the last Gaza massacre, rules of engagement which advised that “whoever you see there, you kill”. Civilians in an IDF-controlled area were not regarded as civilians. The megalomania of this terrorist military spares no children; children playing on beaches have been blown to pieces by this military’s shelling, and then, with complete impunity, shrugged off with pitiful excuses and lies. It implements Jewish teachings in what has been described by Professor Yagil Levi of Israel’s Open University as the “theocratisation” of the Israeli army.

Neoconservatives, however, are openly appeasing a belligerent state and in doing so, Britain too, has lost its moral authority.


The BDS law is but one example of censorship in the public space

Pro-Israel activists in government have been intervening in the public sphere and censoring the Palestinian perspective.  One of the effects of the “British values” social engineering programme is that anti-Israel views, or pro-Palestine activism has been brought under the PREVENT radar. However, Michael Gove has been using neocon bullying tactics to silence Palestinian activism before he trumpeted “British values” as the new secular civic religion.

In a revealing article documenting the work of the late Professor of Postcolonial Studies and English at Goldsmiths College, Bart Moore-Gilbert (1952-2015), Michael Gove, as early as 2011, is proven to have intervened and shutdown school workshops celebrating Palestinian literature and human rights via his Department’s Prevention of Extremism Unit. This was found to be done at the behest of the pro-Israel lobby group Board of Deputies of Jews.

Whilst the likes of Michael Gove are keen to maintain the “sovereignty” of Britain and campaign for exiting the European Union, neocons like him have effectively made Parliament an occupied territory of Israel, where the politics benefitting a belligerent state are instituted. Is sovereignty not a concern when Britain tears up notions of justice, democracy and international order for Israel?

Recently, a report suggested that Israel had “interfered” in Spain to suppress litigation brought under the Spanish universal jurisdiction law against Zionist officials and military personnel for their role in the attack on the Freedom Flotilla in 2010.

As I covered in detail in a previous blog, pro-Israel activists in the US orchestrated the undermining of Obama through a number of Republican senators in response to Obama’s diplomatic activities with Iran.  Obama, deeming Israeli officials a security threat, authorised the NSA to wiretap their communication and found that Netanyahu and other Israeli politicians were intriguing with the senators.

Such developments are disconcerting.  It is a glimpse into the consequences of acting against neoconservative, Zionist interests.  To what extent will Britain be at the mercy of foreign influence and interference?

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