As British Government leads CVE Globally, Britons Lead the Way in Opposing it


Facebook, Shelly Asquith

The NUS have taken action which represents yet another rebounding ripple caused by the impact of the totalitarian measures that are Britain’s spurious endeavours to tackle the ever obscure “extremism”.

As the government continues to spin its brainwashing, public surveillance programme as “child protection”, those implementing the PREVENT Strategy are seeing it for it really is. Teachers at the National Union of Teachers conference voted unanimously to reject the PREVENT Strategy.

Reinforcing the notion that PREVENT is racist, NUT delegate Gary Kaye said that the training provided for PREVENT was “crude” and often involved “loads of stereotypes”. He then accurately described the role of public sector employees within the neo-Stasi programme as “the secret service of the public sector”. Other points highlighted at the conference were that,

  • It disproportionately targeted the Muslim minority
  • PREVENT training was unregulated
  • Resulted in the breakdown of teacher/pupil relationships
  • Suppressed legitimate expression of political opinion
  • That the notion of British values amounted to “cultural supremacism”

Of course, words cannot fully encapsulate the experiences the above dangerous concoction of paranoia coupled with ideological hegemony is manifesting.

In addition to the psychological child abuse resulting from coming into contact with PREVENT interrogations, the “cooker bomb case”, where a four year-old’s mispronunciation of cucumber led to threats of a Channel referral, gives a glimpse into the perspective of parents through these ordeals. The mother of the child relates how she was reduced to tears as she pleaded with the nursery in her explanations, and was treated as guilty until proven innocent based on their own misinterpretations thoroughly imbued with PREVENT. The nursery manager even drew parallels with Jimmy Saville when the mother questioned whether she looked like a terrorist:

“Well, did Jimmy Saville look like a paedophile?”

The mother says she was lied to and felt scared, intimidated and discriminated against.

Experiences like these, based off policies sanctioned and then defended by Government, tear up societies. Muslim parents are increasingly taking PREVENT into account when deciding to home school. However, as I have highlighted before, the home is yet another frontier for neocons to push PREVENT, effectively coercing state regulation of the private sphere of the home.

Despite these disturbing developments, the good people of Britain are standing up and in the background, opposition is bubbling against PREVENT.

As noted before, prominent members of the legal profession are speaking out and naming PREVENT activities as “unlawful”. Lawyer, Imran Khan, recently stated, that PREVENT had “institutionalised” the process which “creates alienation and separation”. Warwick University recently issued a stance opposing the derelict Strategy, again noting its disproportionate and discriminatory targeting of Muslim and black and minority staff and students. Students and lecturers at University College London have also launched a campaign iterating that the PREVENT policy is “normalising Islamophobia and racism” and “forcing public servants to act as informants.”

The UK government has recently backed the utterly flawed UN Draft Resolution on PVE (CVE). Significantly, earlier this month, Dr Patricia McManus, a lecturer at the University of Brighton, and Malia Bouattia, the Black Student Officer at the National Union of Students, testified to the United Nations in Geneva, on the destructive effects of PREVENT on UK education. In doing so, the reality of PREVENT is being spread internationally. It marks the preliminary steps of a process which needs to see activists networking and partnering transnationally against local implementations of the CVE agenda.

This, and the abovementioned activities are a powerful illustration of how, despite the British government leading the imperial Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) agenda on the global level, the people of Britain are beginning to lead the fight against such bankrupt, academically specious, rights-eroding projects.


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