Neocon Michael Gove Moans about others using Neocon Tactics


The ardent anti-Muslim neoconservative Michael Gove, author of the draconian anti-Muslim neocon Bible Celsius 7/7 has complained that those who wish to remain in the EU are,

“wanting us to believe that Britain is broken and beaten… It treats people like mere children, capable of being frightened into obedience by conjuring up new bogeymen every night,”

In other words, people are using neoconservative, Machiavellian tactics.  His tactics, in other words. Ironically, in the same breath it is Gove who argues Britain is beaten and broken by stating that a vote to leave would be a “galvanising, liberating, empowering moment of patriotic renewal” which would result in “taking back control” – this presumes that Britain is currently unliberated and not empowered.

William Dalrymple in reviewing his book Ceslius 7/7, which “conjures” Muslims as the “bogeyman”, wrote,

“A prominent example of the sort of pundit who has spoon-fed neocon mythologies to the British public for the past few years is Michael Gove.

“Throughout Gove’s book, neocon myths are reheated and served up, despite being long discredited…

Speaking of bogeymen, the man even had a chapter called the “Trojan Horse” in his book! Using the disproven Trojan Horse fiasco, Gove ushered in the discriminatory and draconian brain-washing programme that is the “British values” PREVENT duty.

Shadia Drury wrote about the “father” of neoconservatism, Leo Strauss,

“Strauss’s insistence on lies, myths, and illusions as necessary for the vulgar many, echoes Mussolini’s paean to myths and illusions and Hitler’s reliance on propaganda as a means for controlling and manipulating the masses.”


“[Strauss] endorse[s] Machiavellian tactics in politics – not just lies and manipulation of public opinion, but every manner of unscrupulous conduct necessary to keep the masses in a state of heightened alert, afraid for their lives and their families, and therefore willing to sacrifice themselves for the nation.”

Make no mistake.  The Britain that Gove wants is one which is terraformed into a sacrificial closed society where the “child-like” people, i.e. the “vulgar masses”, relinquish their rights to the elite neocon State government ruled by men possessing “a priori knowledge”, all in the fear of the Machiavellian enemy that is the Muslim “bogeyman”.

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