Where are the Neocon Free Speech Cheerleaders on the Topic of Israel?

Selective application and outrage of various freedoms is instructive of the neoconservative agenda to dehumanise and alienate Muslims as the manufactured enemy.

Neoconservatives have constructed their angst and hatred on the culturalist notions that the Muslim (“Islamist”) world is attacking free speech and therefore Western culture through responses to various provocations.  This is precisely the position held by anti-Muslim neocon Michael Gove.[1]

When Angela Merkel acceded to Ankara’s request to prosecute a comedian who recited an offensive poem about the Turkish president, neocons went into overdrive. To note, the Turks called on Merkel to enforce existing German law.

Mimicking far-right neocon, Pamela Geller-type tendencies to further incite hatred, anti-Muslim fascist neocon Douglas Murray, in the name of liberalism, frothed and fulminated at a foreign power effecting “illiberal” stances in a European country and proceeded to invite readers to a competition which had the aim of being “as filthy and insulting as possible about Recep Erdogan”. As a side note, it is worth mentioning that until 2013, the 1986 Public Order Act contained an offense of insult, and remains an offense under the Communications Act 2003, which prohibits messaging which may be deemed “grossly offensive” or of an “indecent, obscene or menacing character”. But let’s not allow “liberal” facts to get in the way of basking in not-so-subtle hypocrisy.

Of course, Murray’s response was in the name of freedom:

“I have not been able to find a sponsor for the competition.  So there aren’t any prizes – except perhaps for our continuing freedom.”

And yes, neocon-enabler Maajid Nawaz chimed in to laud off the competition too and support his friend before an American readership.

Announcing the winner to be another anti-Muslim neocon Boris Johnson, he further stated,

“…in Britain we still live and breathe free. We need no foreign potentate to tell us what we may think or say.”

Unless of course that “foreign potentate” is of Zionist, Israeli origin, of course. Then, all of a sudden, the tongue becomes tied, the eyes roll in their sockets and chants of the censorious term that is “extremism” are bellowed as neocon doublespeak reaches its zenith.

This “foreign influence” has seen Britain bend to protect a belligerent fascist state and its dire colonialist, apartheid policies to the extent that it is enacting laws and policies to effect this aim.  Indeed, it lends credence to the notion that Israel, not content with occupying stolen land, is seemingly also occupying the British politics.

Free speech and Foreign Influence

This foreign influence has someone like Benjamin Netanyahu as its head of state. No sooner did he come into power, he made himself communications, minister granting himself control over media regulation. It has an army which, under the Defense Act 1948, can shut down and halt the press under national security pretences. In late 2015 a sweeping gag order was imposed on information pertaining to the investigation of an alleged act of terrorism by Jewish perpetrators, in which three members of a Palestinian family in the West Bank village of Duma were killed.

Nawaz, Murray or Gove et al of course are not shouting from the rooftops about these assaults on their “freedoms”.

This culture of suppression and spin is permeating pro-Israel activism here in Britain.

Gove has personally intervened on behalf of the pro-Israel organisation Board of Deputies of British Jews shutdown school workshops celebrating Palestinian literature and human rights. This is the same Gove who has been an advisor to the Quilliam Foundation. Quilliam’s Maajid Nawaz, jumping on the pro-Israel bandwagon to spin BDS as being anti-cultural, and demarcating it a trend towards authoritarianism, has no problem working with neocons who are actively doing the same.

PREVENT has been used to curtail Palestinian activism and assert pro-Israel views. This is unsurprising given prominent pro-Israel activists are also shaping the counter-extremism agenda through neocon organisations.

Pro-Israel financed MPs have pressured the National Union of Teachers to withdraw educational materials from British schools that correctly describe the Palestinian struggle as “occupation and resistance”.

A conference featuring prominent speakers and activists discussing international law and Israel scheduled to be held at a university last year was unceremoniously cancelled after bullying from the pro-Israel lobby, and political figures like Eric Pickles.

The BDS movement has being censored by law thanks to Zionists like Greg Clark, Boris Johnson and Gove, after a secret meeting held in London featuring Zionist government and intelligence officials, as well as, financial backer of David Cameron Chaim Poju Zabludowicz.

A concerted effort to paint anti-Israel, anti-Zionist political views as “anti-Semitism” which has led to dubious suspensions of political figures.

And then we have the most recent incident.  Pro-Israel spin and bullying recently found yet another victim in the form of a fifteen year-old Palestinian girl.

Silencing Leanne Mohamad

Leanne Mohamad, taking part in the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, won the regional final with her speech “Birds not Bombs”. The moving speech related the violence against Palestinians, and a personal story illustrating the death of her one-year old baby cousin in Gaza due to want of medical attention. At the behest of pro-Israel, anti-Palestine activist and EDL supporter Edgar Davidson, Mohamad was disqualified from the contest.  Further, all trace of Mohamad and her speech was removed the contest website, only to be reinstated after public outcry.  The grounds for the disqualification was the fluid rule of causing offense.

Perversely, Zionist activist groups have sought to frame the speech in the context of radicalisation. The director of pro-Israel group StandWithUs Stephen Spencer Ryde said,

“Wanstead High School will no doubt want to carry out its own investigation into possible radicalisation of students.”

In other words, the school should ensure that other pupils are inoculated with the Zionist censor, against the threat of special measures for failing to “deradicalise” pupils.

These diverse strategies to suppress views critical of Israel are evidently failing; a re-upload of the speech on YouTube has notched up 41,000 views in two days, whilst the notion that adults are resorting to bullying and harassing a teenage girl has only increased the repugnance of pro-Israel activism.

Concluding Remarks

A few days ago, the director of Israel-Britain Alliance Michael McCann stated that pro-Palestinians were winning the PR battle.  Whilst it is difficult whitewash shelling toddlers on a beach, the losing combination of hubristically hypocritical, Zionist neocon silence on censorship forced by mafia-like lobby groups, and bullying suppression of voices critical of Israel through fantasy spin and deception is not going to help either. Bullying teenage girls only serves to highlight the level desperation being felt by the pro-Israel spin machine.

Pertinently, people generally, and Muslims in particular need to ask, where are the neocon litanies of free speech now?  What happened to the lectures about the right to blaspheme, offend and insult? Where indeed are the demands, as made by Trevor Phillips in the context of Muslims that Israel and their agents in Britain “accept freedom of speech is central to Britishness and should be preserved even if it offends people”?  Where are the neocon competitions to produce the most offensive speech against Israel to “continue freedom”?  By resorting to nefarious methods and instituting laws to censor anti-Israel views and political movements, are these pro-Israel activists against notions of Britishness and British values? To reciprocate the culturalist arguments of the neocons, is it the “barbaric” Zionist culture of Israel which is fomenting this intolerant “attack on liberalism”, thus constituting a civilizational attack? Given Israel has reportedly interfered with the internal affairs of Spain, the US, and Italy, does the Zionist entity constitute a threat to Britain in the case that Britain decides to oppose Zionist policies?

Yes, neocons. We believe you believe in freedom. Really. Just like you believe in liberalism.


[1] Gove, M., Celsius 7/7, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, 2006, p.36

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