The Pro-Israel/Blairite/Neocon Orchestration against Jeremy Corbyn


It has been quite the spectacle in the last few days.  Sitting from the side-1line and watching the political parties tear themselves apart in pursuit of power is a scene which would be amusing were it not for the far reaching consequences for the people of Britain.

As neocons fall over themselves to consolidate their elite, civil-liberties-eroding, democracy-subversion mafia, media attention has swiftly moved to a diversion from the bigger issue of the logistical nightmare of leaving the European Union.  The Labour party is in “crisis” as a number of Labour MPs resign in protest to force Jeremy Corbyn to step down.  Reasons vary from not campaigning hard enough for the EU Remain campaign (although his own constituency voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU) to not showing leadership – a quaint remark given that those resigning are demonstrating the complete opposite by entering into a childish charade at a time when the country needs stability. At the time of writing, fifteen MPs have resigned, whilst fifty-seven MPs have written a letter expressing a lack of confidence in Corbyn and calling for him to step down.

What hasn’t been adequately highlighted in mainstream media is that those leading the resignation-revolt in Corbyn’s party also happen to be pro-Israel activists and Blair-apologists who promote Blair’s neocon doctrines and, of late, have sought to undermine Corbyn (and by extension his refreshing absence of Israel-lobby kowtowing).

A plot to use Margaret Hodge to have Corbyn removed had been brewing since May.  She was the first to submit a motion calling for Labour MPs to vote that they have no confidence in Corbyn.  Pertinently, she is also a supporter of the Labour Friends of Israel.

Hilary Benn, after having been discovered abusing Britain’s crisis to further his own agenda by instantiating a revolt, was fired from the party by Corbyn.  Benn has been the darling of neocons (supporting war) and pro-Israel activists (anti-BDS), so his plotting comes as little surprise. The Jewish Chronicle noted late last year that his pro-Israel positions would “draw support” from Vernon Coaker, Gloria De Piero and Shadow Health Secretary, Heidi Alexander, all of whom are prominent faces of the Labour walkout and supporters of warring Syria.

The first to actually resign was Alexander. As Craig Murray has highlighted already, Alexander actually signed, as a 2015 parliamentary candidate, the “We Believe in Israel” charter, the provisions of which state there must be no boycotts of Israel, and Israel must not be described as an apartheid state.  Alexander also rebelled on the vote for counter-productive airstrikes in Syria, voting to support the strikes.

Then came the resignations from a group of individuals linked to the Labour pressure group Progress: Lucy Powell, Seema Malhotra, Gloria De Piero and Ian Murray. As covered in a previous article, the think-tank was founded by the architects (Peter Mandelson et al) of “New Labour”; the thinking which introduced neoconservative tendencies into Labour creating what has been described as a “party within a party”. Pro-Israel activist Jonathan Mendelsohn has funded Progress and is named as a board of director for the organisation.  Listed as a person who has put himself forward as a speaker for Progress is Wes Streeting, and who has been frenetically Tweeting and re-Tweeting all things anti-Corbyn.

Another high-profile resignation came from Charles Falconer. Falconer was brought in by his old friend and former flatmate Tony Blair as justice minister to usher in the era of draconian anti-terror legislation arguing that further encroachments on individual liberties would be necessary to win the ”war on terror.’’

Chris Bryant, shadow commons leader, voted for the Iraq war of 2003.  Tellingly, he is a signatory to the Statement of Principles of the hate-funded, anti-Muslim neoconservative Henry Jackson Society.

At the time of writing, Angela Eagle has also resigned.  Whilst perhaps not a declared Blairite her hawkish views certainly raise questions.  Aside from voting for the Iraq war, she has consistently voted against (or for delaying) inquiries and investigations into the 2003 scandalous war no less than thirteen times, before supporting an investigation in 2009.  She also voted for the war in Syria.

There is nothing new in this latest iteration of the concerted effort to remove Corbyn.  When he was elected the leader of Labour, media orchestrated resignations were precipitated by a similar, pro-Israel/Blairite-neocon group of individuals in a poor attempt to render Corbyn an “outlier”.

The reality is that where tens have resigned or issued a vote of no confidence against Corbyn, a petition in favour of the veteran politician has already surpassed two-hundred thousand signatures in two days. The two biggest trade unions have also communicated their confidence in Corbyn.

Whilst some of the MPs rebelling may not have such allegiances, the architects and leaders of this latest orchestration of resignations hold pro-Israel, neoconservative/Blairite impulses, demonstrating once again the subversive threat they pose to Britain and its democracy.

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