Rockwood Academy Allegedly Threatening Parents and Pupils with PREVENT


Earlier posts on Rockwood Academy:

Rockwood Academy is run by Trojan Horse Beneficiaries and Endorsed by “Extremists”

What did you learn at Rockwood Academy today, Dear Little Boy of Mine?

In the previous blogs on the Birmingham-based Rockwood Academy (formerly Park View Academy), we saw how policies of persecution like PREVENT and indoctrination using the British Army dovetailed the neoconservative agenda to forge a compliant, subservient subject and consequently the “closed society”.

The question of course remains; how can parents allow this to happen?

The parents at Rockwood Academy were previously a vocal and engaged group, whom actively raised disconcerting issues about the school. Previously managed under Park View Education Trust (PVET), parents, for instance, were active in highlighting how meetings conducted by the new, post- “Trojan Horse” management, to engage them were in fact a sham. Pertinently, early on it was brought to light that the PVET schools were using the threat of PREVENT referrals to silence parents. In desperation, when Ofsted came down to inspect Park View, a group of thirty parents managed to meet with the inspectors and strongly expressed their views about the situation in the school. Towards the end of 2014, parents were already beginning to feel bullied and intimidated by the schools.

The Southern Poverty Law Centre-designated “anti-Muslim extremist” Maajid Nawaz claimed in his Times piece promoting Rockwood Academy that Muslims rushed towards the draconian initiatives that are being implemented there and “embraced it all”. Similarly, the Principal of the school, Fuzel Choudhury claimed:

“The response from both pupils and their families to the launch of our Combined Cadet Force unit has really been overwhelming…”


Principal, Fuzel Choudhury, happily subjecting Muslim children to neoconservative indoctrination programmes.

My sources close to the school state that Rockwood is in fact operating in a draconian manner and perpetuating a culture of fear. It is alleged that the school has continued to instil fear amongst the parents by informing them that they would be labelled “extremist”.

The intimidation of the school has extended to pupils.

Where children have questioned the activities of the school, including the Combined Cadet Force programme, it is claimed that they have been referred to the onsite PREVENT Officer, with further threats of a referral being made to the CHANNEL deradicalisation programme.  Sources further add that this time last year, at least fifteen children had already been referred under PREVENT.

In other words, far from “rushing towards” the counter-extremism projects, “embracing it all”, and exhibiting an “overwhelming” response, it seems opposing parents and children of Rockwood Academy have been bullied and silenced into accepting what is taking place there.

Parents must understand that PREVENT is designed to do precisely this; condition compliance.  It must be challenged and rejected. Threats being made by the school must be continually exposed. PREVENT, far from being a safeguarding measure, is a broken tool which is bluntly being used as a mechanism to coerce compliance.

The management at Rockwood Academy should also realise that every high wave eventually comes crashing down. PREVENT has been exposed for being a racist policy that is backed by neoconservative “extremists” and which discriminatorily targets and persecutes the Muslim minority.  Rockwood is doing everything it can to impose it upon its Muslim pupils in a manner befitting supremacist colonialists of yore.  This will not be forgotten.


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