When Deformists Meet for Tea: Shaista Gohir and Rashad Ali


Much has been elucidated on the deformist, Shaista Gohir of Muslim Women’s Network UK. For a dissection of her troubling views on Islam, toxic involvement with the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)/PREVENT agendas, and timely interventions that have served to prop anti-Muslim narratives and policies, see here and here.

The role of yet another deformist and counter-terrorism “consultant”, Rashad Zaman Ali, has been explicated here on the blog a number of times.  From founding the neoconservative-overseen Quilliam Foundation and financially benefiting from the suffering of the Muslim minority vis-à-vis the post-Trojan Hoax inquisition by Ofsted, to becoming a mouthpiece for Zionist propaganda, Ali certainly has a busy curriculum vitae for the subversive Muslim deformist role.

Two wrongs do not make a right. Rather they tend to produce more nefariousness.

So, what is to be made of an image which has been forwarded to the blog recently?

According to the accompanying information provided to the blog, the below image was taken earlier this week (Wednesday 2nd of November) near the Home Office.  Sources are alleging that the image below shows Ali and Gohir enjoying a chit-chat at Café Pronto Grill Bar (Strutton Ground, Westminster).


Apparently, paly discussions were underway.  Whilst no information was forwarded as to the content of the discussions, given the background of the two, an alignment of agendas would be expected. What business does the Chair of the Muslim Women’s Network UK have someone like Ali? What was being discussed with someone so ingratiated with neoconservatives and pro-Israel lobby?


2 thoughts on “When Deformists Meet for Tea: Shaista Gohir and Rashad Ali

  1. A commenter who wised to keep his message private claimed there was innuendo in the above piece. To clarify the context of the blog is possible collaboration between two counter extremists/deformists. There is neither explicit or implicit innuendo intended and neither do I approve of baseless innuendos.

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