Waverley School in Birmingham hosting BBC film Crew to Shoot PREVENT Propaganda

KamalHanifPREVENTDavidCameron Those promoting PREVENT are getting desperate, it seems. Sources in Birmingham forwarded a letter from Waverley School (Birmingham) directed to parents, stating that the school will participate in a BBC Panorama documentary promoting PREVENT. The letter reads that the BBC programme will “showcase some of the excellent work we do around Safeguarding and the Prevent Duty”.   The film crew will be in the school tomorrow (25th November) and requests the parents to fill in a consent form.


Letter to parents


BBC Consent Form


Consent and Threats

The letter has only given two days for the parents to make their decision.  Sources close to the school have alleged that pupils have been threatened with detentions if the form has not been completed.  The letter, signed by the Principal Jacqueline Newsome, asks for parents to sign the form in order to give the consent, however, nowhere on the form is there an option to decline consent, potentially leading parents to think that there is no other option but to give consent.


Is it possible that RICU – the Home Office department tasked to project black propaganda towards the Muslim minority – has a hand in this?  After all, the BBC has been linked to RICU in the past, and as it will be demonstrated below, Kamal Hanif has worked with Inspire’s discredited Sara Khan, whose sister, Sabin Khan is deputy chief of RICU. It seems we have another RICU product in gestation.


Parents at the school must understand that the PREVENT duty is based on the PREVENT Strategy, which has been heavily criticised for discriminatorily targeting the Muslim minority and policing thought. Briefly,

There is so much more that can be said that is wrong with PREVENT, however, this will suffice for now. Given the above, why would any school parade itself for being a champion of a such a draconian, baseless policy?

Kamal Hanif

In order to understand why this particular school is facilitating an anti-Muslim, discriminatory policy of persecution that is PREVENT, a closer analysis of the school is required.

Waverley School is managed by Waverley Education Foundation LTD. Its CEO, and executive principal is Kamal Hanif. In July 2015, I was tipped with information that David Cameron was to do a anti-Muslim speech in Birmingham.  The venue was to be Hanif’s school but was changed on the day after I had published the blog.  Reproduced below is Hanif’s highly questionable background:

In August 2014, I drew attention to the promises of engagement which were made by the head of academies and free schools, Colin Diamond, to the parents and former governors of Park View Educational Trust (PVET), the academy which was at the centre of Michael Gove’s incursion into Birmingham schools, under the pretext of the disproved Trojan Horse Hoax.

Instead what followed was the purge of existing governors and the dictatorial instatement of hand-picked governors. I revealed that among the hand-picked governors were those who were on the board of the Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP), the organisation led by white supremacist and alleged architect of the Trojan Hoax letter Tim Boyes, which has recently received millions to “clean-up” schools in Birmingham, train governors and deal with “extremism” issues.

One person on the board of the BEP was Kamal Hanif, who was made the Chair for Park View, with backing from the Henry Jackson Society-linked, Gove-serving Khalid Mahmood.

Hanif was condemned by the informed local community (who felt insulted by Hanif) as a puppet who carried out the wishes of David McVean (Director of Academies, for the Central Region for the Education Funding Agency) and Colin Diamond, to the point that it was being alleged in September 2014, that Hanif was being fronted to push policies which would undermine Muslim pupils. Transparency between Hanif’s decisions and concerned parents was notably absent.

In November 2014, it was being alleged that Riverside Church-linked purported nepotist Jo Tyler (of Golden Hillock School, the second Park View Academy), Hanif and two individuals who are alleged to be involved in drafting the fabricated Trojan Horse letter, Matthew Scarrott, the former head of Golden Hillock School and Peter Slough (former head of Small Heath School), were seen together having a drink during the half-term holidays.

The following month, allegations of Hanif lying to parents surfaced. Hanif assured parents that Tony Wilson, the new principal of Golden Hillock School, had come through a rigorous process of recruitment. This was rebutted strongly by a source close to Wilson himself, who stated that Wilson said he had not been through a recruitment process and that he is there to help his friend Colin Diamond. Diamond had approached Wilson saying that he need someone at a PVET school. In other words, he was placed there to fulfil a role.

Last month I revealed that Hanif – who has no expertise whatsoever in counter-terrorism/extremism) – had now moved onto to the very lucrative, neocon/Zionist-steered counter-extremism industry, which is set to receive a financial boost if and when the Counter-Extremism Bill is given royal assent. He was being touted as the “highly-respected Birmingham headteacher” who is leading counter-extremism workshops with the women-abusing failed feminist Sara Khan, from the feminist/counter-extremism organisation “Inspire”.

It was worth noting that this “highly respected headteacher” is also the executive principal of Waverley Studio College, a free school set up less than two years ago as a flagship for a government scheme. Just over a week ago, it was rated “inadequate” by Ofsted.

Late last year, it was also reported that Hanif was part of the anti-Muslim David Cameron’s “Community Engagement Forum”, which was formed to “discuss counter-extremism”, and was constituted of deformists and organisations (and notorious anti-Muslim Bishop Nazir-Ali), most if not all of whom were already part of the unethical, ideological counter-extremism industry.

Hanif is deeply embedded in the neocon-driven political Islamophobia that was the Trojan Hoax fiasco and the resulting “British values”/PREVENT entrenchment into legislation. He has financially profited from the suffering of Muslims. In other words, Hanif represents the perfect brown-faced yes man for propaganda designed to prop PREVENT.

2 thoughts on “Waverley School in Birmingham hosting BBC film Crew to Shoot PREVENT Propaganda

  1. I am suspicious of prevent, I am suspicious of the education system. t isn’t just a concern regarding extremism, it’s the education system. It is clear that all these organisations set up to counter extremism and those set up to make education better are just fronts for making the narcissists and greedy more known and more well paid. Hving spent a short time working in hanifs studio college i have no respect for the man as an education champion. e is rude and a man of lip service. As a class teacher he was ineffectual and is obviously some sort of yes man puppet helping with government agendas while filling his back pocket. The way that his trust is run with regards to respect for the teaching profession is disgusting. on the prevent thing, while I am against this gov initiative i really found it farcical that while panorama were showing multi ethnic kids regurgitating the predictable at ” main school” i was at studio college delivering “british values” stuff to kids where a significant minority were in rejection of much of this. Is this not an extreme view ” you cannot play music” “this is a muslim school, you must do what muslims want” I am a little scarred to be fair by the aggression of some of the students with regard to their false sense of muslim entitle ment. In addition to this, I was shocked by some of the teacher created resources that very obviously reinforced the view that muslims are being persecuted in schools. ( all the scenarios dealt with a situations where a muslim kid wanted x y or z to be told no but the christian kid got told yes.it’s just a game of divide and rule and ordinary people are the pawns in the process. I have the best answer for any student requesting any form of special religious consideration from me and that is that I give no allowance to any religion and that is that. If by making allowance for a persons religious beliefs requires that I have to back down on my personal views and become less of myself then it’s not happening. It’s very simple.

    But anyway, yeah, there is something very fishy about this man Hanif, his rise to the top does not make much sense coz by all accounts he was a pretty ineffectual science teacher. He is a rude man too. Sat with his back to me at christmas and did not acknowledge me at all. he is a show man.

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