Aleppo Bleeds


As tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in Aleppo on an increasingly shrinking patch of land besieged by violence all around and bombardment from the air, the situation is descending into a bloodbath.  Civilian blood merges with the soil of the blessed land of Syria courtesy of Bashar’s vengeance.  Harrowing footage is showing bodies strewn across rubble as reports filter into the press that Bashar loyalists are going door to door and massacring civilians including women and children. One activist on the ground has stated that “more than 180 people have been field executed in the areas that the regime has recently [taken] control of by the Assad gangs and the militias supporting them, ” with rest awaiting their execution or death by airstrikes. Civilians are suffering with innocent men being killed, women becoming homeless, and their children dying due to freezing temperatures.

The question is, what else was the world expecting from Bashar’s Russia/Iran-backed killers?  The glaring signs have all been there except for the most ideologically blinded; from the initial violent crackdown on protests to the consistent use of chemical weapons on civilian populations and bombing of hospitals. Two months back the Iraqi hashd described an attack on Mosul as “revenge for the killing of Imam Hussain” and preparation for a Shia state. On 11th of November Amnesty International issued a statement alleging that fighters wearing Iraqi Federal Police uniforms tortured and killed residents in villages they captured south of Mosul. The precedent has been etched since 2011 and the response has varied from turning a blind eye to “strategically partnering” with Putin and even jointly bombing rebel targets that were responsible for breaking the government siege. The morally bankrupt Left intelligentsias’ and chatterati’s pathetic response will be etched into the mind of Muslims. And not for a second do Muslims neither expect nor care for the hypocrisy-fuelled Right that chokes over the violence of ISIS and champions secretive, undemocratic SAS missions when it wants to but issues substance-less polite pleas when Muslims are put to the slaughter. Interests are the overriding concern. Perhaps if the blood flowing from bodies into the ground was oil would we see efforts to at least impose a no-fly zone over the region to restrict the violence. Also not forgotten is how the neoconservative Christian right became apologists for Assad in their common goal, in the case of Michael Nazi-Ali, to eradicate orthodox Islam. Western allies that are Saudi Arabia and Qatar similarly remain spinelessly inert. Turkey meanwhile has been unable to assert its military power in the region and send in peace keeping forces to protect the Sunni population.

UN spokesman Jens Laerke said Aleppo looked like there had been a “complete meltdown of humanity” in the city. The reality, there has been a global meltdown in humanity.

As I write, a ceasefire has been agreed to allow people to rebels and civilians to flee. However, ceasefires have been agreed and broken within hours. Given hundreds of men escaping the slaughter entering the Assad controlled regions of Aleppo have already reportedly disappeared, it remains to be seen what fate awaits the people.

May Allah help the oppressed people of Aleppo, Syria and of course Burma, and imbue compassion in our hearts for the plight of our Ummah in their ongoing nightmare. It is to be remembered that nightmares eventually come to an end, and those that awake from it in the gardens of Jannah surrounded by the rich rewards which they reaped for their patience, their horrors will seem fleeting and the terror but a mere pin prick. May Allah grant the oppressed and the oppressors what they deserve. Ameen.

“If a wound has touched you, be sure a similar wound has touched the others. Such days (of varying fortunes) we give to people in turns: that Allah may know those that believe, and that He may take to Himself from your ranks witnesses (to Truth). And Allah loves not those who commit injustice.” (al-Quran 3:140)



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