I am CoolnessofHind. I am a Muslim. I have a degree in English Law and (due to my psychological, moral and spiritual incompatibility with the Law culture) I only engage in it academically. I speak my mind. My thoughts are purely my own. My words are purely my own (unless referenced).

I wrote a couple of years ago and after a hiatus it is time to place finger-tips to keys once again.  The period now as I return to this dirty domain is of silencing Muslims without express Gestapo methods. Clandestine erosion of civil liberties started to take place on the back of the first iteration of the anti-terror-legislation.  The UK government has stepped up this attrition of rights another notch and it is time.

Of course this is not the only thing which interests me. I will express whatever I please provided it is legal and reasonably cogent.  I fully will exercise, as a Muslim, the Freedom of Expression as guaranteed by the Human Rights Act 1998, the European Convention of Human Rights 1953 Art. 10, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976 Art. 19 and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 Art.19.

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  1. Its a shame but a time will come when the fate of Muslims in the UK will be akin to those of Palestinians in Gaza/West Bank or of the Jews during the Second World War.

  2. Dear coolness of hind

    From one concerned muslim to another,

    I have found your articles really refreshing and when the stories about the schools in Birmingham first came up , I thought can I be the only one that sees through this vitriol , blatant lies, misconceptions and demonisation of a community.

    There are many tolerant , law abiding , tax paying , volunteering in the community , part of Cameron ‘big society’ muslims who go about their everyday lives and yet those muslim don’t make the headlines. Do you think its because we are boring fodder for the media – I mean who wants to hear about a community that is bettering its future generations, who wants to hear about teachers and parents who care to bring their children up within a moral framework that teaches tolerance , that raises aspirations. Clearly not Gove and Mahmood and their group of ‘lovely friends’.

    I have to say until I read your blog and came across ‘spin watch’ another blog, I was beginning to think that the voices of tolerant , muslims in this country was lost. I am not an apologist for any muslim sect. I believe that we each answer for our actions but that does not mean we absolve ourselves of responsibility for all. I think that responsibility of standing up and saying ” your definition of me as a muslim is not how I define myself or my community” – we are so much more; layered, spiritual, cultural, a myriad of richness that contribute to this nation in so many ways.

    I don’t see my community through rose tinted glasses we are not perfect by any means we have a lot to learn and grow as a community – but that is no different, than any other community.

    I think muslims in this country need to understand if we value our place in this society, at what point are we going to say , actually I refuse to be defined in this narrow perspective that gives me no scope to be anything other than ( read all negative thing ever said about muslims). Valid criticism of us as muslims as part of a mature conversation most welcome – blatant lies, misconceptions and divisive rhetoric – no thanks!

    I refuse to be the political fodder , the collateral damage in order to increase the power base of a neocon who’s only mission is to reach the heights of power.

    As for Khalid Mahmood why is he a ‘labour mp’? would it not make sense for him to be a ‘conservative mp’ or is the story of ‘a wolf in sheeps clothing’ closer to the real face of this man. I mean would he have been voted in if he was anything else, as traditionally muslim in this country have voted labour?

    I have never left a comment on a blog before, so if there are mistakes in this I apologise. I am committing my thoughts to a blog and as such, like any thoughtful person , I am open to challenge, agreement or indifference.

    Another Concerned Muslim

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. Glad to see a fellow concerned Muslim. I pretty much have to agree with all of what you have said. This comment particularly struck me:

      “I refuse to be the political fodder , the collateral damage”

      Unfortunately, the media juggernaut, coupled with political credence, has painted the Muslim minority as an easy target which can be attacked, smeared and defamed with abandon, thus enabling this situation the Muslim minority is in – a circumstance which is not dissimilar to the years preceding the Holocaust.

      As for Khalid, you are right, it would makes sense for him to be a Con (excuse the pun) – however the underlying philosophy of neoconservatism undercuts political parties. Tony Blair was a Labour Prime Minister, yet his neocon philosophy is what drove him into absurdity vis-a-vis the Iraq war and the Prevent policy initiated under his power. The Henry Jackson Society also make the war-call, both domestically as well as internationally, in a “cross-partisan” manner.

      • I have read the above and I am totally in a agreement with what you have said. There is much more to Mr Tim Boyes then what has come out . If you look into his staff at his School you will find that they are mostly his friends. He has employed friends of friends and most of them are from the Church (River side) His wife came into the school and was given a job and I could go on and on. The bottom line is that he and some of his staff members had made life at that School very hard and then forced Muslim staff to resin. Mr Boyes had a gender and that was to Cleanse the school of Muslims and would do what ever he could to get to that point.

  3. We have a saying where I come from “a lie will burn down a village before the truth is half way round” it would seem that in order to demonise a whole community, the desire to smear and twist and lie is merely seen as a tool within a toolkit deisgned to undermine communties and community relations. How sad that the agenda and vision of a twsited perspective does far more damage than could have been thought possible.

    However i have innate faith in the goodness of people and muslims and non muslims in Birmingham need to stand united in a safe, articulate way , reclaim the space and redefine themselves ; as the Prophet Mohammad PBUH wished of us – to always be the best amongst you, shine by example show the non beliver kindness , and the best of you so they may see what it means to be a muslim. Please note I am not a islamic scholar, nor i am quoting from hadith or Quran , but merely what i have learned from the sunnah and life story of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH. Any mistakes are mine alone and anything positive that anyone gains from this is by the mercy and wisdom of Allah.

  4. Dear people

    The Trojan Hoax saga has left very deep wounds in the lives of our children, their respective teachers and our vibrant communities. The taxpayer is still waiting for EFA to produce evidence. However, not a single piece of evidence indicating extremism or radicalization; none. So, providing prayer areas, washing facilities (some) and providing halal food is now construed as being radical and extreme?. Meeting disgruntled ex-employees, leaking information, basing evidence on here say and not producing any evidence is unacceptable in a Democracy, no?

    • Islam seems to be the problem, at least in public. Whatever dirty tactic including outright lies can be employed to smear this faith, is being used. It serves a broader neocon agenda. Unfortunately the children are mere “collateral” in this endeavour. The PREVENT strategy which is the backbone of all that has happened has created a second class of citizens whose voices are not being heard over the blusters. So it may be unacceptable in a theoretical democracy, but not a neocon “democracy”.

  5. Dear Nargis

    If you get any sense of hope please know that many muslim brothers and sisters are with you. Keep strong for your children, teachers and communities. Do not be defined by these people define your own futures, for your children and your communities as you would wish to be: articulate , compassionate positive muslim citizens of the future.
    Another Concerned Muslim (AcM)

    • Possibly. As investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmad and professor Noam Chomsky can testify their are some things which are out of bounds of what can be “acceptable” as deemed by the establishment

  6. The ‘duck’ has sent me here, because it’s so simple. You can either fly with all this, or stop, turn around and help your fellow colleagues. Whilst Muslims were targeted, many fellow non-Muslims were shocked on the way Muslim staff were treated by the DfE, EFA and Ofsted. Pathetic.

  7. Hi,
    Can I just say, Golden Hillock School was an extremely positive school which had high achievers, surpassing predicted grades. However, I left school in 2008 and cannot comment much on what went on there afterwards. Matthew Scarrott was made Head teacher in 2004 after Thelma Probert retired. There was an opening for Head teacher and I can recall that 3 candidates had made it to the final stage of employment.
    This was interesting – It was up to the children to decide who should be the new head teacher. So we had assemblies with each potential head teacher during the day. Then when they left – on the very same day – we had another assembly. Thelma Probert, had decided – and this was out of the blue- Matthew Scarrott would be the new headteacher. When he wasn’t even considered for the role, nor had he formally applied for the position. Matthew Scarrott, before this was a deputy and had been so for a quite a few years. This was very suspicious. They sent all 3 candidates home and then decided it should go to Matthew Scarrott.

    Karen Slater came on the scene shortly after Matthew Scarrott became head teacher. Karen Slater was a PE teacher – and not a very friendly one. She had bullied another member of staff who also worked in the PE department when Slater had become the head of the PE department. That particular member of staff worked with children who had physical disabilities. I had a friend who was very close her and would go to her for support. I often sat in her office and overheard the conversations of how she was being treated and then would laugh at my friends comment of how she would get Karen Slater back for what she was doing.
    So yeah, Miss. Slater was not very much liked by anyone – staff or pupils. How she became a senior member of staff is quite confusing.

    Up until I left the school, Slater was still a PE teacher, and Scarrott was a Head teacher.
    Scarrott had access to the money Coca -Cola were giving to schools nation wide (for sports equipment). He spent part of it on paint across the playground (drawing on hop scotch and snakes and ladders) and the rest he put in his back pocket. Just saying

  8. CoH

    Please can you send me the link to the artcile where you mention the British Muslim Youth group of Rotherham, have serious grave concerns about this group. Need to fill in you on my concern get in touch.

  9. As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh,

    Hope all is well? Just concerned that there’s been no new articles posted on your website since the end of December 2016. This is an excellent website, very informative and a great asset to the community as a whole. It would be a great loss should you suspend publishing you work on this website.

    Will you be kindly posting anything new?

    Kind Regards, Umar.

  10. I recently stumbled across your blog and happy I did​. I refer in particular to your comments about academies which I have very little respect for. I am acutely aware of the absolute destruction of the education of the students at ark boulton academy when this so called Trojan horse business exploded on the scene. It pains me that the parents did not do more to challenge the incompetent management who were brought in to take over. Students in the final year of their gcses were left without teachers as the academy was haemorrhaging staff faster than they could replace them. The principals overusing concern is to galvanise her own career while being Ofsted driven as opposed to student driven. These are two separate agendas. Many Sen children were left without support and even more disconcerting was the complete lack of empathy for ruining the outgoing students education in the process. Parents need to write to their local MPs to question the money that is being pumped into academies as the leaders are pocketing huge portions of this and then crying poor about lack of funds for basic equipment. Why does an academy need 6 senior managers, countless directors of learning and so on along with assistant principals? Surely common sense would dictate that the money should be distributed to where it is needed and that is in the classroom.

  11. I’ve just read your take on the PREVENT policy and must say how insightful your view is. As I have witnessed PREVENT operating on my own university campus during Islamic Society events, I never did think twice about it. I commend you on exposing their real motives and I look forward to reading more of your work.

    A concerned Muslim, resident in the UK

  12. Hi, if you are still active, please do get in contact with me. I am currently doing my university dissertation as we speak and I would love to speak to you and pluck your brain about it. It is a political economy of the BBC and the panorama programme ‘saving syria’s children’ and I would appreciate if I could use your help with this seeing as it is quite topical and relatable to the domain in which you write.

  13. Very interesting writing, seems to clarify many things.
    We support parents concerning RSE.
    Please can you get in touch. Jazak Allah khayran.

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