Former Interim Head of Al-Hijrah School Graham Hardy Arrested on Charges of Sexual Misconduct


Graham Hardy

A few days ago, I noticed a particular piece on my blog all of sudden receiving an increased number of hits. This blog highlighted allegations being made by teachers/parents at Al-Hijrah School – a Muslim faith school with an Islamic ethos based in Birmingham, which had its Muslim governing body purged by the Birmingham City Council and replaced with non-Muslims, and which has subsequently suffered allegations of deceitful practices and corruption. The allegations made by teachers/parents were against the interim head teacher Graham Hardy, then principal of Calthorpe Academy.  What could have happened? Were changes being instituted at the school once again?

To recap, in October 2014, I reported that Hardy, who at the time had taken charge of Al-Hijrah School, allegedly threatened children as young as 6 and 7, that if they did not behave, then he would “chop off” their heads, and on another occasion, chop/pull off their ears. Parents claimed Hardy had admitted to this, but submitted that the comments were “in jest”. Inspector Paul Dutton of West Midlands graced the blog with his comment to clarify that this allegation had been investigated, and no criminal offences had been found.  Of course, finding a crime on the one hand, and inappropriate conduct for a person of trust transgressing the school’s safeguarding measures are two separate things. The absence of the first cannot preclude the latter.  There was a media blackout regarding the allegation, despite reporters from BBC and other outlets being notified and, I am told, taking interviews from Muslim parents.  Clearly a white, non-Muslim threatening little children with beheading is not as thrilling as Muslim teachers having views which neocons judge to be “opposing British values”.

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Al-Hijrah School – Shocking Allegations of Deceiving Parents/Ofsted as Birmingham City Council/Ofsted Sit on the Claims


Journalist outside Al-Hijrah school last year in strange position

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since I last wrote about Al-Hijrah School and the incompetency and distortions exhibited by state propagandist Andrew Gilligan and the Birmingham City Council. Al-Hijrah school is one of the first Muslim schools that was dragged into the anti-Muslim vacuum that was the Trojan Hoax and resulted in disturbing consequences for the school – even though it was already a faith school. Al-Hijrah School – a school with an Islamic ethos – had its governing body and senior leadership team purged of Muslims and replaced with non-Muslims who allegedly later denigrated the Islamic ethos of the school.

The saga continues as the key theme around Al-Hijrah – the one-sided reporting by the biased press –

persists. Whilst bogus “Muslim wrongs” were splattered across the pages of Birmingham Mail and the Daily Telegraph, there has been utter silence on outrageous allegations made against the good white master folk who replaced the backward and uncivilised Muslims.

This duplicitous standard, however, will continue to be exposed.

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Allegations Against Al-Hijrah Trust only Demonstrate the Height of Xenophobia in Britain

The School Before the Takeover

Birmingham Mail recently saw fit to continue the web of spin and deceit started by the trail blaze of the same by hype-whore Andrew Gilligan. Given the fact that I had comprehensively deconstructed the xenophobic diatribe coming from such news items, I would have thought some were perhaps the wiser with the games of the media in conjunction with government scapegoating. Not so, it seems as I peruse the social network reading the few comments on this waste of a piece.

Graham Hardy

Graham Hardy

The article highlights that the Department for Education and the Birmingham City Council are “aware of the allegations” about financial mismanagement and they are being investigated. Birmingham Mail has yet to publish or follow-up the allegations made by several sources that Graham Hardy threatened children with beheading and dismemberment. Not a word was reported that the police had been called in to investigate the claims (Inspector Paul Dutton actively came on the blog to clarify that there were no “criminal charges”, which does not mean that other guidelines had not been breached). Despite being an Islamic faith school, Hardy is alleged to be undermining the ethos of the school, and in the past has allegedly behaved in a manner with female staff members in what can only be described as sexual harassment. Finances are also have purportedly been squandered under his leadership.

Not news worthy? Of course not. As I repeatedly say on my blog, wrong religion, wrong race. Instead we see the Birmingham Mail (allegedly) actively preventing any successes of the Islamic school from being published.

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Mr Graham Hardy: Threats of Beheading Young Children and Potential Sexual Harassment

Al-Hijrah School, before the forced takeover

Al Hijrah School is an independent Muslim school with an Islamic ethos. Shock and horror, other schools representing other faiths like Orthodox Judaism and Catholic Schools, are also permitted according to law to run their school baseds upon a specific religious ethos.  In some cases they can discriminate, I am told, on even marital status – there have been instances of senior Catholic teachers forced to leave because they have divorced their spouse.

One would think it would be normal to have teachers and governors who would adequately represent this ethos as they are best placed to actualise it. For instance, how would the Jewish community of Stamford Hill react if their school’s entire governing body along with their school’s senior leadership team were replaced with Muslims/Christians/Athiests who would then mock the Jewish ethos?  Not terribly well I would presume.

Al-Hijrah School and the parents of the pupils are suffering worse.  The entirety of the interim-governing body is non-Muslim, and there are growing allegations that the governing body has been actively pushing out Muslim teachers and replacing them with non-Muslim teachers from another school: Calthorpe Academy.

There is a clear atmosphere of intimidation and bullying of the teachers who are afraid to say anything against the Senior Leadership Team, and any complaints which are made are currently falling on deaf ears.

Threats of Decapitation to Children


Graham Hardy has serious allegations against him which need investigating

On either the 15th or 16th of September, Graham Hardy, who is the head of Calthope Academy and who has taken charge of Al-Hijrah, is alleged to have threatened children as young as 6 and 7, that if they did not behave, then he would “chop off” their heads, and on another occasion, chop/pull off their ears.

The police are currently investigating the matter.

Hardy has admitted that he has said these things, but in jest. He has also allegedly confirmed, startlingly, that he has said this on a number of occasion to pupils at Calthorpe who have then gone on to reiterate the same back to him.  One would question what values are being instilled by such an individual.

Parents have complained to David Willey, the Chairman of IEB (Interim Executive Board – the governing body which has taken over), to Social Services in the Council and the Police. However, the response to these shocking allegations have been far from electrifying and somewhat slow. The parents are legitimately asking, what would the response be if it was a Black or Muslim Teacher?

No doubt a spread would have been plastered in the Daily Mail with Headlines “ISIS IN BRITISH SCHOOLS”, whilst Andrew Gilligan would have had another “Trojan Horse Only Tip of Iceberg with Threats of Beheadings” and the full combined force of the EFA, Department for Education and the Birmingham City Council would be applied.

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Birmingham Mail Allegedly Pulls Advert Celebrating Muslim School Success

The behaviour of the Department for Education, EFA, Birmingham City Council and Ofsted during the Trojan Hoax fiasco was shocking and irresponsible.  With the agenda-driven Michael Gove ordering snap inspections conducted by a biased Ofsted at schools in areas in which the demographic was mainly Muslim, and with the release of Ofsted reports at a critical time for the children who were preparing for their exams, media were swarming around the schools, placing undue, unwarranted strain and stress on the children.  Ofsted Inspectors took discriminatory measures which may have caused psychological harm to some pupils. 

The impact of this can be seen in the schools which were at the centre of this neocon war on Muslim children; Park View School had reportedly forecasted 73% but has achieved 58% A*-C including English and Maths, whilst Golden Hillock School, whose Riverside Church-linked teachers and governors allegedly added to the smearing of the school at such a significant period in time, looked set to achieve 58% but attained 45% A*-C including English and Maths.

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