Zionist describes Muslims as Nazis at Far-Right Pegida Rally in Frankfurt

Crosspost: Rania Khalek

Addressing a recent rally in Frankfurt, a self-identified Israeli man equated Muslims with Nazis, murderers and rapists, and implored the crowd to “never feel ashamed” of Germany’s past.

The rally was called by Pegida, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, a far-right organization founded last October in Dresden. Its demonstrations initially attracted hundreds of people protesting what they believe is Islam’s takeover of Germany. More recently, the number of people to attend has been in the thousands.

An assortment of rightwing groups, including neo-Nazis, have been taking part. Following the attacks on the paper Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in Paris last month, a 12 January rally drew more than 25,000 people.

A video, which was posted to YouTube by Journal Frankfurt last week, shows a man, wrapped in a German flag, describing himself as an Israeli with German heritage during a Pegida rally.

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Andrew Gilligan’s PREVENT-Infused Anti-Muslim “Journalism”

Attacks because of one’s faith or race, or any other identifying feature is unacceptable. It is dehumanising, and very often for the victim, traumatising. The perpetrators too, can be victims; victims of their own ignorance which is exasperated by stereotypes reinforced in the media and government officials.  Instead of fighting stereotypes, and challenging xenophobia, our government has institutionalised xenophobia, a necessary ingredient for hate-crimes and manufacturing consent for draconian policies.

As such I was happy to see Theresa May and other neocons mourning the increases in attacks against the Jewish community, even though the claims which prompted Theresa May’s reassurance were from a study which the Institute of Jewish Policy Research slammed as “littered with flaws”, with the conclusions being “dubious”, “irresponsible” and “incendiary”. Nevertheless, it was befuddling to see the comparative silence on the rise of attacks against the Muslim community, not just in the UK, but across Europe.  Instead, the rhetoric around the Muslims continued to assign blame to the Muslim community, calling on them to “do more”, and therefore reinforcing the far-right narrative that the Muslim minority is inherently to blame for every and any attack perpetrated anywhere in the world. It abhorrently played Muslims off the Jewish community, in a similar fashion to the political opportunism displayed in David Cameron’s Chanuka speech.

Key senior figures are clearly not interested anti-Muslim hate crime.  Tell MAMA, headed by the opportunistic Fiyaz Mughal, was set up as a government initiative.  Once the Foreign Office had published its 2013 report on Human Rights and lionised the fact that the Muslim minority had a comforting arm of the government cuddling the Muslim minority, Tell MAMA’s funding was promptly pulled.

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The Ironies of Neocon Zionist Michael Gove

And so the legacy of the paedophile-apologist, anti-Muslim, virulent neocon Zionist Michael Gove continues.

Recently, Gove made some extremist statements in the context of Israel’s actions.  Gove highlighted the rise in anti-Semitic attacks, which I believe we can all agree is a legitimate concern: attacks against people and their places of worship for who they are, the manifestations of their beliefs is reviled and must be condemned. What is also condemnable is when governments on the basis of their own (neoconservative) ideology formulate Nazi-esque policy to tackle “extremism” explicitly targeting a minority, erode liberties of all citizens in a claimed defence of liberty, and do everything they can to minimise government scrutiny when the breadcrumbs of crime lead to a door on Downing Street.

Gove’s criticism of the BDS movement in the discourse of anti-Semitism smokescreens the reality of the Zionist entity and attempts to delegitimise a legitimate struggle.  The Zionist entity has repeatedly and consistently violated international law in breaching the most fundamental of human rights of the Palestinians.  It has also, to the defiance of the world continued in its characteristic land-grabbing of Occupied Territories.  When a state violates international law, the UN Security Council can be used by States to formulate some response or intervention. This can be military or through the use of economic sanctions (a call made most recently by a Jewish senior MP).  Since the US, France and the UK, are allies of the Zionist entity, any meaningful response to restrain the lunacy exhibited by the Zionist state can be vetoed by any of the three accomplices to the Zionist entity’s crimes.   Any action thus is impossible and the only solution, besides a State invoking its right to military humanitarian intervention, is to engage and promote popular movements to force the offending state to desist.

The BDS movement can be characterised as a popular struggle with an aim to put a stop to the grave human rights violations, brutality against the Palestinian people and complete disregard for any proposed peace processes.

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