The Henry Jackson Society Penetration of the Conservative Leadership Contest


Whilst the neocon/Blairite subversion of the Labour party leadership continues unabated with ever more contrived and adventurous ways being used by Blairites and pro-Israel activists to pressure Jeremy Corbyn to step down, the Conservative party leadership race has been overrun by neocons.

Four out of the five of the Conservative leader aspirants are linked to the anti-Muslim, hate-financed Henry Jackson Society.

It is important to understand that neoconservatism is a “persuasion” which believes in using “noble lies” to steer the “vulgar masses” towards a fascism-based closed society which serves the interests of the neocons such as obtaining and maintaining power.  This entails bludgeoning “principles” like the rule of law and human rights through their “prudence” unashamedly in name of these very “principles”.

Thus, we can fully expect an increased hardening of securitised policy and therefore an assault on the civil liberties of all.  We can also expect a continuation and possibly an increase in the political hostility against the Muslim minority and Islam as Britain’s identity is forcibly built against this minority as the Machiavellian enemy.

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Report by Spinwatch: Henry Jackson Society and British Neoconservatism

Spinwatch henryjacksonsociety report

The release of a report which points to democracy being undermined by a society linked to a shadowy network of hate-financing, anti-Muslim, pro-Zionists should have at least twiddled the whiskers of some of the media.  In fact, the symposium held at the University of Bath on Islamophobia should have made some headlines:  this was perhaps the first time an academic and intellectual response to the dominant narratives surrounding the Muslim minority were collated and deployed on a single platform.  The major media response? Nowt.

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ARK Takeover of Birmingham Schools and The Toxic blend of Corporates, Neocons and Zionists


Back in December 2014 when exposing the continued hypocrisy panning out at Golden Hillock School, I asked the following,

“What is the end-game in all this? Perhaps Oldknow Academy can provide a clue?”

Oldknow Academy, which was the subject of an intense campaign of lies to vilify the school had been taken over by ARK Academies. More recently, Golden Hillock School, formerly a part of Park View Education Trust, has also been taken over by ARK Academies.

ARK is the international charity founded and overseen by a number of UK-based, heavy-hitting hedge fund managers including Arpad Busson of EIM, Ian Wace and Paul Marshall of Marshall Wace and Aurum Funds’ Kevin Gundle.

With such oversight, there isn’t a shortage of cash. According to their accounts dated August 2014, ARK had a net fund of £339 million.

There is a lot of disturbing controversy surrounding ARK, or “Absolute Return for Kids”, however conspiracy theories are of no interest to me. My concern is the possible grand government orchestration which may explain the eventual takeover of Muslim-majority schools by ARK.

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Liam Fox – Warmonger Neocon Call to Attack British Values

What is it with these past politicians rising up and dog-whistling to their fellow neocons in the current cabinet?

Tony Blair, the laughingly oxymoronically appointed “peace” enjoy to the Middle East has been off on a crusader tirade, defending the indefensible Iraq war by wanting more war in the Middle East. Even the child-snatching Borris Johnson called him mad and “unhinged”.  However, this is merely but a reflection of his neocon tendencies which are coming to the fore: aggressive, belligerent foreign policy, destabilisation of resourceful countries, and elitist pockets lined at the expense of thousands of non-elitist, mainly Muslim lives.

Iraq was wholly an American neocon war. During the Iraq invasion, Blair was supporting neoconservatism and the aggressive foreign policy of the US.  He was the lapdog of the US.  During formative years of the US invasion of Iraq, US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, described as a “leading neoconservative”, pushed hard for a war in Iraq. Wolfowitz is the student of Leo Strauss, who is regarded as the father of neoconservatism and is referenced throughout Douglas Murray’s book, Neoconservatism: Why we need it. Wolfowitz was instrumental in defining Bush’s war tactics and had pushed for, for example, the doctrine of pre-emption during the Gulf war, which were sternly rejected then.

Those tactics, based on neocon signatures of lies and deceit resulted in a body count exceeding half a million in Iraq.

Whilst the gong of war is being played again, domestically, the neocon threat remains like a tumour: growing like a cancer and slowly killing Britain and her values.

Over the past couple of years, the UK public has been exposed to revelations of mass surveillance, webcam hacking and liberty-eroding laws such as the anti-terror legislation and policies like Prevent and the Channel Programme which have created a public surveillance state.  With the focus of these being the Muslim minority, not much has been said to challenge these violations of “inalienable” rights.  However, as the broader populace, outside the Muslim minority, begins to feel the breadth and reach of these draconian measures, there has been a measured voicing of these concerns. The application of the anti-terror legislation as a means of suppressing government scrutiny is a case in point.

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