Douglas Murray and the Christchurch Killer: A Neocon-White Supremacist Nexus

On the 15th of March 28-year-old Brenton Harrison Tarrant walked into two mosques and murdered men, women and children, killing 50 and injuring numerous. This was particularly shocking for a country that, according to the Global Peace Index, is ranked as the second safest place in the world. Much commentary has followed since particularly on proposals for new gun-control measures, with various images of the New Zealand leader Jacinda Ardern hugging of Muslims and speculating on whether her response was genuinely “intuitive” , or crafted for grief competitions.

The response most curious, however, has come from the neocons.

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A Review of the Louise Casey Review (3) – A Supremacist Far-Right, Neoconservative Screed of Double Standards and Muslim Minority Stigmatisation


Part 1 (Introduction): A Review of the Casey review (1)

Part 2: A Review of the Louise Casey Review (2) – A Paper Influenced by the Transatlantic Neocon Hate-network

Having established the influence of the transatlantic neocon hate network in the Casey Review, and in order to better appreciate the content of the report, it is worth better understanding the neoconservative narrative which underpins the Casey Review.

The Far-Right/Neocon Eurabia Conspiracy Theory

The reduction of the “white population”, Muslim population growth, and Muslims living together in areas, are sinisterised constituents of a particular narrative which states there is an existential Muslim “takeover” threat to Europe aided by a secretive deal between Arabs and Europeans. This narrative was first promulgated by conspiracy theorist Gisèle Littman, better known by her pen-name Bat Ye’or.  The myth has been heavily criticised as a conspiracy theory and debunked by prominent scholars including Professor Arun Kundnani, who has likened its evidentiary credentials to the Protocols of Elders of Zion.

The conspiracy theory, however, has been adopted by neoconservatives and the far-right, including prominent actors of the Islamophobia industry Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes and Pamela Geller.  It has been advocated by supremacist neoconservatives, fanned by the far-right “counter-jihad” movement, and adopted by paranoid, mass-murdering neo-Nazi terrorists. For full details of this myth and its promoters see here.

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Neocon Fascist Douglas Murray’s Script for a Divisive Britain


Using the recent spate of attacks in Europe as a pretext, Douglas Murray bolted for his bubble of comfort like a greyhound and proceeded to blame Islam in two particularly vitriolic anti-Muslim pieces.  At first my thoughts were *sigh* this is getting really old, can someone really take such a hate-filled hypocritical neocon fascist seriously?  Then of course you drink some coffee and realise that yes, nutcases, loons, opportunistic individuals and organisations who feed off such rhetoric – financially and egotistically – do exist.  They operate as cogs in a well-oiled machine which perpetuates global wars and fosters a closed society at home through the use of such decrepit narratives.   A comment to document such ludicrous statements of a man who runs a hate-financed think-tank, which has influenced domestic and international security, is unfortunately necessary.

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Why Aren’t Politicians and Mainstream Media Calling the Suspect Killer of Jo Cox a Terrorist?


The Leave/Remain EU debate over the past months has descended into propagandised political rhetoric. According to one BBC article, “Boris Johnson may seem to be the face of the Leave campaign but in private Mr Gove is its brain.”

Pro-Israel neocon Michael Gove has framed the EU debate as a threat to the UK using language which knowingly roused the prejudiced fears of people. Britain, Gove argued, would be “voting to be hostages, locked in the back of a car” as a hoard of foreigners and criminals overran Britain. He’d rather have Britain hostage to the US and Israel.

However, these Machiavellian politics have a price.

Nothing demonstrates this more than the terrorist attack which saw a rare example of an honest politician being gunned down and stabbed in broad daylight by a white, possibly Christian man. Thomas Mair shot and stabbed Jo Cox whilst shouting “Britain First”.  Cox was campaigning to remain in the EU.

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The Tories Counter Extremism Bill Amounts to Religious Persecution of Muslims

DavidCameronCrosspost By: Jahangir Mohammed

Just before the General Election, we had the Counter Terrorism and Security Act – a whole raft of new laws targeting Muslims. This included mass surveillance of the Muslim community through a Prevent duty imposed on most public servants. Public sector workers are now to be turned into ideological crusaders against Muslims, helping to identify the enemy within, those with bad ideas and values.

As a young lecturer, I used to teach the development of British social policy. This policy will destroy the very essence of the British tradition of public services, which took great social and political reformers over a century to nurture. These services were meant to be for all those who need them, free from political and value judgements.

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The Battle for “Democracy” Continues in Tower Hamlets

Crosspost: Nishaat Ismail 

I may have fallen but I am not broken.” These words of former Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman, who was removed from office last week after being found “guilty” of electoral fraud, were followed by fervent cheers and applauds from a room full of his supporters at a rally titled “Defend Democracy in Tower Hamlets” on Thursday night.

The event attracted an array of speakers from various organisations, who expressed their solidarity with ousted Rahman and the people of Tower Hamlets, with many of them describing the recent events in the east London borough as an “anti-democratic coup”.

Len McCluskey, the leader of Britain’s largest trade union and Labour’s biggest donor, also showed his support to Rahman.

This was conveyed through the union’s chief of staff, Andrew Murray, who described Judge Richard Mawrey’s decision as a “work of unabashed megalomania”.

Murray added that the judgement was as an “outrageous travesty of democracy” and an “undemocratic assault on the people of Tower Hamlets which was both racist and Islamophobic.”

Christine Shawcroft, a member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) described last week’s judgement, and PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) report as “subjective meaningless drivel”, and pleaded the audience to support an appeal on the verdict for the “future generation.”

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Theresa May’s Neoconservative Cold War Against Islam and Muslims (1)


“Irving Kristol came up with the solution that has become the cornerstone of neoconservative politics: use democracy to defeat liberty. Turn the people against their own liberty… if you can convince people that liberty undermines security, they will gladly renounce it.”[1]


The principles of democracy, human rights and rule of law have been “hijacked” and torn down by neoconservatives in government.

Theresa May, an “extremist” by her own criteria of “British values”, has outlined some truly shocking measures to “counter” the notoriously nebulous “extremism”.  Before delving into the McCarthy-May Measures speech, there are few overarching points to keep in my mind.

There is a fundamental flaw which runs straight through her speech.  The flaw is the underpinning conveyor-belt theory of radicalisation i.e. that one begins disaffected, starts practising Islam, becomes politicised and then blows things up.  The professoriate in the counter-extremism and terrorism field have slammed the theory as no longer maintaining any credibility. From sociologists to former CIA operations officer, the focus on ideology, or in this case “Islamism”, has been placed on its head, with it being characterised as incidental as opposed to pivotal.

The second point of note is moral supremacy afforded to liberalism, which has been posited as the zenith of societal values, yet it has been thoroughly shackled, gagged and torn up in pursuit of its preservation, as though it is too weak to stand up to scrutiny.

The final point to keep in mind is the issue of definition.  I am not one to labour this point, as I have addressed this in several blogs in detail (see here).  The issue is defining “Islamist extremism” and “extremism” itself.  The bottom line is, part of rule of law, an ascribed “British value”, is that the law being applied is just, and a law cannot be just if it references vaguely defined terms, especially where the impact is such that it effectively socially cripples one’s life. What are the boundaries of critique and vocal opposition? What is the fault line which demarcates traditional religious beliefs shared across the Abrahamic faiths for instance, and “extremism”? Simply stating they are clear is political-speak with no real meaning. Indeed, the social experiment in which the Muslim minority has been the guinea pig for the PREVENT Strategy has already evidenced miscarriages of justice.

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2014 – A Year of Muslim Minority Discrimination

A Masjid in Bolton

A Masjid in Bolton

After a year of writing articles refuting and exposing the lies, spin and hypocrisy of right-wing/neoconservative politicians and media outlets, the latent bigotry of secular liberal proponents who propound “equality” at (primarily) the expense of the Muslim minority, one may conclude that xenophobic hypocrisy is a firm part of British policymaking. Muslim minority discrimination has become all but a norm in Western societies, which pride themselves on the notions of due process and human rights. A change in condition is required in line with the international legal status of a minority. Let this not be spun into what secularist extremists like to call, “special treatment”. No. The Muslim minority needs to be freed from political point-scoring, smearing and scapegoating, and free to practice the Islamic faith like other Orthodox communities. It must be freed from government intervention into religion architecting the “right” beliefs which suit government foreign policy objectives, and free from labels of “extremism” being applied to our manifestations to signify “wrong” beliefs. Yes we agree with the secular liberals. We don’t want this special treatment.

As other media outlets like to review the previous year highlighting what has passed, I will take a different approach. There has been a grand orchestration by the government to push for power at the expense of principles which safeguard the man from state abuses. This I have consistently argued has philosophically stemmed from the neoconservative persuasion adopted by key officials as a matter of policy. Let us briefly go through the key events which I think have been crucial in perpetuating Muslim minority discrimination in 2014.

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The Conveyor Belt to Neocon-Inspired Far-Right/Christianist Terrorism

Conveyor belt to Christianist Neocon extremism1

Click on the image to enlarge

With the rise of the far-right/Christianist extremists in the UK which is spreading throughout Europe, and the rhetoric of groups the EDL and Britain First becoming ever-more violent, it is important to understand the sources of such extremism and the pathway to neocon-inspired terrorism. Importing American neoconservative to Britain, neoconservative writers like Douglas Murray, Michael Gove, William Shawcross, Melanie Phillips and Andrew Gilligan, through their ideologically-driven narratives, have supported and shared their insidious and bigoted narratives with the likes of Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller.

Extremists like Spencer and Geller have gone onto inspire terrorists like Anders Breivik.

The above infogram gives a summary of the conveyor belt to right-wing/Christianist Terrorism, supported and inspired by neoconservatism. Perhaps the government can use it to create a dedicated “PREVENT” programme to counter explicitly far-right “Christianist” extremism and formulate a “Channel” deradicalisation programme for individuals who support a neocon-inspired narrative. A women’s network to target white mothers of potential radical far-right extremists can be established to spot “signs of radicalisation”, whilst school teachers can be trained to identify conservative Christian values which may not sit with “British values”. A list of neocons/far-right Christianist extremists who espouse illiberal, bigoted views can be placed on an “extremist list” and a taskforce set up to identify hate-preachers like Douglas Murray, Michael Gove, William Shawcross and Britain First’s Paul Golding. They can be subjected to a Terror and Extremist Behaviour Order, allowing civil authorities to take action against people seeking to spread their neocon/far-right/Christianist message of hate, in a similar way to existing Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

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Britain First’s Threats and a Reminder of Minority Rights Protection for the UK Government

“Invaded” apparently now means to walk into an open building and give a few leaflets.

If the secularists, liberals, right-wing and neocons have distorted and attacked the noble Shar’ia of Islam then the likes of al-Muhajiroun in certain circumstances have certainly acted as a catalyst for those attacks.

In 2011, his little posse plastered “Sharia Zone” stickers around East London. The media picked it up straight away claiming it was “Islamic” extremists. In doing so, the noble Shar’ia was maligned and demonised and the various rulings within Islam also became, by association, “extreme”. The only people who benefited from the actions were the government, the far-right and neocon policy-makers as it reinforced their dubious Blairite narrative of “Islamist extremism” being the most evil thing ever known to humanity, forgetting of course that the massacres in World Word II and Sebrenica had secularist foundations and the perpetrators happened to be Christian.

David Selborne advised John Kerry to a similar narrative, with more than tinge of “we are the high and mighty with the moral high ground”. Blaming the violence of the Middle East on Islam, he regards it as the enemy. Iraq and Afghanistan were not a sufficient enough destruction to iron out this threat, clearly, as he mopes the fickle victories of the US. Of course, he ignores the fact that the violence today is a result of the rejection of the Western colonialist shackles which physically, spiritually, culturally and economically raped much of the Middle Eastern and Eastern lands. He also ignores the present day imperialism of his own country and her allies which has exasperated, not calmed the violence and violent mentalities around the world. It is the absence of Islam, not the presence, and unethical interventionism – black or otherwise, supporting of dictatorship regimes, currently routed in neoconservative thought and plaguing British politicians as well, which has caused much of the present day chaos and loss of innocent life. As Arun Kundnani states,

…the neoconservatives who shaped his foreign policy in the early years of the terror war did have a culturalist analysis of the Muslim problem. It was their analysis that was reflected in Bush’s characterization of the war on terror as a “crusade”. Bernard Lewis himself was a key adviser to the administration. And among members of the Christian Right, a key base of Bush’s support, the idea of an apocalyptic crusade against Islam was prevalent… In 2003, William Boysin, Bush’s deputy undersecretary of defence for intelligence and an evangelical Christian, told a meeting in Oregon that the war on terror is a battle against Satan fought by “the army of God”. (Kundnani, 2014)

Which neatly brings us to the discussion of Britain First’s latest “crusade”. Britain First, like EDL came to prominence with their response to al-Muhajiroun’s activities, for which they were sentenced and imprisoned. An offshoot of the BNP, Britain First conducted “Christian Patrols” which Christian themselves rejected, fuelling tension and undermining community cohesion. Britain First has engaged in “activist” combat training. One wonders what type of “activism” they wish to engage in. And the recent report of Britain First’s “invasion of mosques” answers that question.

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