Teachers Urged to ignore “British Values” as Discriminatory PREVENT Manifests Racist Implementation

DL supporters from South Yorkshire at a demo in Rotherham, near Barnsley, 2014, by Chris/Flickr

For close to year, I have argued Michael Gove, an anti-Muslim neocon was pursuing his neocon agenda (see also here, and here), and successfully managed to do so by blustering “British values” without debate or discussion down the throats of, primarily, Muslims. I had also argued that the “British values” were so loosely defined that personal interpretations would result in miscarriages of justice and children being effectively sanctioned for being Muslim. I also strongly asserted that it lay down the foundations for an authoritarian state (see here and here for example).

According to the Guardian, Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) have urged teachers to ignore Michael Gove’s pretext-operation-based drive to promote fundamental British “values” amid claims that it is “ill-considered, ill-defined and counterproductive”.

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Boris Johnson is a Neocon Government Extremist and a Threat to Britain

Source: the Times

Whilst much of the focus has been on the alleged brutality from the people representing ISIS on the ground (which is is verified by others in the locality), the reality is that ISIS and its actions perfectly fit a narrative which allows neoconservatives to push forth policy and impress their Machiavellian tactics of mass deception and manipulation of public opinion on Britain domestically, and pursue their violent “interventions” abroad, which have done nothing but wreak havoc across the Middle East.

Theresa May’s reinforcement of the discriminatory and bigoted PREVENT strategy is one example. The most recent bluster comes from the supposedly humorous (child-snatching) Boris Johnson, whose not so humorous suggestion is that we should make a “minor” change in the law and reverse the presumption of innocence.

Boris the Extremist

The presumption of innocence is not only a fundamental aspect of Common Law, it is also a fundamental part of human rights, as articulated in several human rights documents.  Johnson also calls for the reinstatement of the controversial and “illiberal” control orders.  As already highlighted in my previous blog, control orders are an affront to human rights. Human rights, according to the PREVENT definition of extremism is a British value.

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