Extremist UK Government Through Extremist Theresa May Reinforces Own Extremism


TheresaMayExtraditionWith the endless imagery of brutality emanating from the Holy Lands, and the continued silence from neocons like Michael Gove, William Shawcross and anti-Muslim, neocon extremist ideologues such as Douglas Murray, one wonders whether the extremism of the Zionist neocons will be “PREVENTED” using extra-judicial political strategies.

As the media continues to mount pressure on Muslim institutions, be they mosques or Islamic community centres to formulate endless responses and apologies for the alleged repugnant acts of megalomaniacs in Iraq and Syria, there has yet to be the same pressure to be applied to Zionist Jewish organisations and Synagogues. There are no political or journalistic endeavours to investigate Jewish schools, colleges and Synagogues visited by British Zionist Jews who pursue a “holy war” and are now being implicated in Biblical state terrorism and potential war crimes through their conscription into the Israeli Defence Farce.  There is no resultant smear-by-association of Judaism, Zionist groups and Zionist centres.

The government continues to fail in applying the “British values” of equality and rule of law, equally. It has yet to start investigating the social circles of these various soldiers to determine the “psychological hooks” which have “hooked” into the British Jews prompting them to embark on the conveyor-belt to Zionist terrorism in Palestine.

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