Britain’s Counter Extremism Policies are Criminalising Muslim Thought and Expression


Crosspost: Jahangir Mohammed

In July of this year the Government’s Prevent policy became a legal duty upon most public authorities. It means that most sections of the public sector are required to identify and deal with “extremism”, something which remains loosely defined.  Although the policies theoretically apply to all forms of extremism, in reality the greatest impact is being felt by Britain’s Muslim community. The duty means that schools, colleges, universities, health providers, local councils, youth and social workers, prison service and others have a duty to look at any Muslims who use their services, or work for them, for “signs” of “radicalisation”.

Thousands of workers up and down the country have received a few hours training on Islam and spotting signs of radicalisation.  Armed with this new “expertise”, they are applying it to the Muslim community. The result is increasing evidence that Muslims are being identified as potential “extremists” for expressing everyday religious, political ideas, and beliefs and values.

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Welcome to the Secular Liberal Inquisition


The inquisition is often referred to as a dark part of history; one which echoes an excessively pietistic persecution of those determined “heretic” by the state and theological council. Moriscos, or those Muslims who were forcibly converted to “New Christians”, were viewed with suspicion and were subjected to discrimination and persecution. Among the policies the Inquisition adopted in Spain was the edict of faith. Explaining this edict, Michael C. Thomsett writes that it was, “a series of instructions on how to spot heretics.” He further elaborates,

“Anyone coming forward to denounce a neighbour as a heretic was able to do so anonymously and the accused was never informed of the source of accusations, allowed to cross-examine witnesses, or even given the chance to offer a defense”.[1]

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State Paedophilia, Identity Politics and the Rule of Law


Since I last touched on the topic of child abuse, there have been many further reports on this despicable, sickening crime. From doctors to priests, and more (to which I will come to later), all have been notably white, and non-Muslim, yet the press and the media gurus have not sought it fit to feed hatred, xenophobia and racism by highlighting these attributes and insinuating an intrinsic link between race/religion and the crime in such cases. Identity politics is a fantastic way to beat down minorities, not so much when it starts affecting the establishment.

And indeed the establishment connection to paedophilia has become a scandal.

Signs of a Paedophilic MP?

There have been a couple of reports which demonstrate differing methods of dealing with child abuse.  On the one hand there are calls being made for children to be taught how to avoid child abuse. The other involves the police looking for “signs of paedophilia”. Durham police force have put 400 officers through the Intervene to Protect a Child (IPC) programme developed in the US.  The signs include certain tattoos, clothes and even books.

The question is, how will children protect themselves from those who hold a public office yet actively cover-up such crimes in government?  And what signs will be exhibited by the suited and booted who are part of the ever-suppressed, deflected and down-played Westminster paedophile ring?

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Neocon Michael Gove: The Hypocritical Paedophile-Apologist Against Public Inquiry of Gov-Paedo-Ring


The anti-Muslim, neocon Michael Gove, explaining his blatantly ideologically-driven decision to appoint the warmongering Peter Clarke to head the Trojan Hoax inquiry, stated today that,

“The view that I took was that if you have a police officer of unimpeachable integrity to do these investigations, if people at the end of this process are cleared, given a clean bill of health, that is the most effective way of ensuring that public confidence can be restored… There are broader questions about the extent to which these activities were coordinated and the extent to which those responsible for those activities may have had a broader agenda.””

Moving to a different but very connected topic is the report relating to the paedophilia in the Government. It was reported a couple of days ago that a powerful paedophile ring stretching into Parliament and Number 10 existed and needed investigation. The whistleblower, Peter McKelvie stated,

“I believe there are sufficient grounds to carry out a formal investigation into allegations of up to 20 MPs and Lords over the last three to four decades, some still alive and some dead. The list is there,”

Lord Brittan, a former Conservative Home Secretary has also been questioned by detectives investigating allegation of rape. The detectives investigating it are part of Scotland Yard’s Operation Fairbank inquiry team which was launched after Tom Watson MP made allegations of widespread child abuse in Parliament. Interestingly however, Lord Brittan was handed a document known as the “Dicken’s Dossier” when he was Home Secretary in 1980. This dossier constitutes one of 114 files which have gone missing.

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Olive Tree Primary School Send Scathing Letter to Michael Wilshaw

Olive Tree Primary School Chair of Governors has sent a scathing letter to Ofsted

Below is a letter from the Chair of Governors, Farasat Latif, for the Olive Tree Primary School, where Ofsted Inspectors were forced to leave due them causing possible pyschological harm to a child. Once again, the parents of the child are urged to take legal action against such behaviour.


Dear Sir Michael Wilshaw

I am writing further to the OFSTED inspection dated 13-15 May 2014, and the subsequent report dated 4th June 2014.

It was stated in the report’s summary of findings that: Some books in the children’s library promote fundamentalist views which do not support the pupils’ development for life in modern Britain. Some of the views promoted by these books, for example about stoning and lashing as appropriate punishments, have no place in British society.

There are several books in our staff library, not in our children’s library, that do indeed mention stoning and lashing. These books, which are inaccessible to children, provide information about the application of law in a theocracy, not in the UK. These books do not promote or condone its application as lawful in a UK context. We do not teach or promote this view in our school, and the inspectors did not find any evidence to the contrary.

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