If David Cameron did a Christmas Message like his Eid Message


David Cameron’s Eid Message, here.

My comment on it at that time, here.


David Cameron’s Revised Christmas Message

This Christmas we see the best of British Christian values.

We see unprecedented charity, merry gift giving and Christmas cheer in the air.

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Exposed: Evangelical Senior Teacher Behind Channel 5 “Exclusive” on Golden Hillock School


A couple of days ago Channel 5 ran an “exclusive” which stated that officials had ignored warnings over extremism. The comments were made by an “anonymous” former senior teacher at Golden Hillock School, depicted in a shadowy short-clip in which she made her revelations. As with most of the reports regarding the Trojan Hoax allegations, most of the sources have not been named. Wilshaw claims to have spoken to many heads in Birmingham for instance, however, dubiously, he does not mention the names. I say dubiously, because given the agenda of some evangelical teachers in Birmigham, his track record, and affirmations from (non-Muslim) sources that he is a Gove-lackey, an extra level of scrutiny is required with regards to the allegations which come out.

As for the “exclusive”, who is the source for this report?


karenslaterTHSlater is another practising evangelical Christian linked to the controversial Riverside Church and is alleged to be the “whistleblower”. Her background is interesting. Slater had applied for a deputy role at Golden Hillock School against the advice of Matthew Scarrott, the head teacher. Sure enough Slater did not make the grade (much like most of the students who have been let down there for the past 4 years) and fell through the recruitment process against stronger candidates.

The above would generally be sufficient to dismiss her claims as a disgruntled employee getting her own back. However the “plot” thickens.

Matthew Scarrott was married to a Christian Indian lady. According to sources in Birmingham, it is a well-known fact that when the couple separated a close relationship developed between Scarrott and Slater, to the point that even school children in the playground made jokes about them.

In other words, Scarrot and Slater are linked and given the fact that Scarrott is one of the alleged individuals behind the Trojan Horse letter/instigation of the investigations, it is more than a mere coincidence for Slater to come out and add to the chorus of allegations against the schools in Birmingham.

Allegations against Golden Hillock School

Sources in Birmingham have been able to confirm whether the allegations made by Slater have any validity. Many of her allegations distort and ascribe falsities to the school and their governors.

Slater: “they banned sex education, pressured some staff to wear headscarves and ran a campaign to oust non-Muslim senior teachers.”

According to sources in Birmingham who have confirmed with the school, this is a,

“patently false claim which is deliberately designed to feed into the Trojan Horse claims”.

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Exposed: Evangelical Christians Behind Trojan Horse Letter


I would like to state from the outset that the intention of this exposé is not to inflame communities, or to posit one community against another. It is rather to establish the truth which has been the first victim of this war against Muslim-majority schools in Birmingham.

Before delving into the purported names and details of the individuals alleged to have written the Trojan Horse document and actively instigated the Gestapo-esque investigations, it is worth getting some history on the schools in Birmingham.

Most of the schools targeted were previously failing schools.  New governors have come in and results have drastically improved. A governor whose school was one of the schools targeted in the press as well as the Trojan Hoax investigations, highlighted that,

“Traditional leadership were in their comfort zone. There was no sense of a drive for achievement. No real concern that some of schools were hitting barely 30% GCSE pass rates.” 

The reason for this was that the governors consisted of broadly two groups.  The first group were mainly Muslims, who really did not know what their responsibilities entailed.  In many cases in Birmingham, the governors barely spoke English. The second group was somewhat passive; they did not really engage the school teachers, but seemingly made the effort to be there.  For instance, Lynn Morris, a practising Christian and the former principal of Joseph Chamberlain lives in Shropshire, yet would travel down to attend governors meetings at Golden Hillock school. Incidentally, her successor at Joseph Chamberlain College, Elly Tobin, is known to be a “racist” according to employees in the college and has allegations of use of intimidation against employees when her anti-Muslim attitude was brought to the attention of local MPs and the college was investigated in 2011.

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British Values: White Men Attacking Muslim Women, Daily Fail Readers Blame Women

Whilst the debate continues to rage as to what exactly constitute British values, one thing is for sure, the call for the need to appropriate these values is white, Eton-College-sided.  Muslims who espouse an alternate world view, postulate their Islamic values proudly and decry the persecution of their religious comrades in countries afar, need a heavy dose of British values in case they become terrorists.

These British values are being imposed on Muslims colonialist-style – this, despite the fact that Muslims in Britain feel more British than white Britons.  However, there is still a deafening silence regarding the need to enforce these British values on the white majority of this country.  After all, according to Cameron, who enforces the discriminatory, human rights-flunking PREVENT definition of “extremism”, “mutual tolerance and respect” is a British value.

Given the amount of (negative) coverage Muslims get in the media, and the disproportionate (negative) focus on Islam and Muslim by government officials, not to mention the blatant Nazi-esque propaganda, distortion and lies both of these groups churn out on a daily basis, it is little wonder “white-crime” or racially/religiously-motivated attacks by the white majority, are on the rise.

According to a study by Dr Mathew Feldmen, Muslims are treated to a unique form of hate-crime, one which demonstrates the bravery, and extreme courage of the warped, assailants:

“Hate crime tends to be a male-on-male phenomenon. But here we are seeing exactly the opposite: white men under 30 attacking women wearing traditional Muslim dress,”

Some men even urged other men to rape a Muslim woman whose details were maliciously posted online.

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The Conveyor Belt to Neocon-Inspired Far-Right/Christianist Terrorism

Conveyor belt to Christianist Neocon extremism1

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With the rise of the far-right/Christianist extremists in the UK which is spreading throughout Europe, and the rhetoric of groups the EDL and Britain First becoming ever-more violent, it is important to understand the sources of such extremism and the pathway to neocon-inspired terrorism. Importing American neoconservative to Britain, neoconservative writers like Douglas Murray, Michael Gove, William Shawcross, Melanie Phillips and Andrew Gilligan, through their ideologically-driven narratives, have supported and shared their insidious and bigoted narratives with the likes of Robert Spencer and Pamella Geller.

Extremists like Spencer and Geller have gone onto inspire terrorists like Anders Breivik.

The above infogram gives a summary of the conveyor belt to right-wing/Christianist Terrorism, supported and inspired by neoconservatism. Perhaps the government can use it to create a dedicated “PREVENT” programme to counter explicitly far-right “Christianist” extremism and formulate a “Channel” deradicalisation programme for individuals who support a neocon-inspired narrative. A women’s network to target white mothers of potential radical far-right extremists can be established to spot “signs of radicalisation”, whilst school teachers can be trained to identify conservative Christian values which may not sit with “British values”. A list of neocons/far-right Christianist extremists who espouse illiberal, bigoted views can be placed on an “extremist list” and a taskforce set up to identify hate-preachers like Douglas Murray, Michael Gove, William Shawcross and Britain First’s Paul Golding. They can be subjected to a Terror and Extremist Behaviour Order, allowing civil authorities to take action against people seeking to spread their neocon/far-right/Christianist message of hate, in a similar way to existing Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

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