PREVENT Results in Self-Censorship, Alexander Carlile Discriminates Against Muslim Minority


The story of PREVENT has now become routine. Stifling debate. Chilling impact on freedom of expression. Self-censorship. An affront to human rights. Plain unlawful. These are common descriptors and phrases which come to mind when talking about PREVENT.

Some of these were repeated in yesterday’s evidence submission to parliament’s joint select committee on human rights.

If we recall, the Daily Mail adopted a neoconservative strategy to categorise opposition to PREVENT as “extremism”, and smeared universities for not implementing the PREVENT duty for not ensuring an “opposing view” supporting PREVENT. It seemed like PREVENT is so embedded in government now that the need to give both sides of PREVENT – the non-neocon and the insane neocon – had been mandated. Thus, on the one side sat David Anderson QC, and the other Alexander Carlile.

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More Desperate Press Smears Reinforces Bankruptcy of PREVENT Policy, Exposes Neoconservative Threat to Britain


In all honesty, I feel for the journalists working at establishment papers who have to churn out desperate and utterly dubious rubbish to protect the state’s totalitarian tendencies. Bills need to be paid, afterall. The Telegraph, with its history of neoconservatism is one such paper.  With the likes of Dean Godson, and Charles Moore, the Telegraph was, according to its former editor Martin Newland, effectively a mouthpiece for US and Zionist interests.  Today, the standard of journalism – or churnalism – is Andrew Gilligan-level: dubious state-propagandist tripe of the neoconservative variety.  And it seems with the stalled and now exhumed and resuscitated Telegraph piece attempting to a) delegitimise PREVENT opposition and advocacy group CAGE, and b) intimidate Muslim charities to not work with them, the neoconservative tradition of spin, deception and outright lies continues.

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Has Daily Mail Adopted Henry Jackson Society’s Strategy for Suppressing PREVENT Dissent?


Note: CAGE’s comprehensive deconstruction of Daily Mail’s upcoming PREVENT propaganda piece can be found here.

The Daily Mail has set out to smear key Muslim organisations opposing the neo-Stasi state-establishing PREVENT counter-extremism strategy. In doing so, it has appeared to have adopted the strategy to suppress PREVENT drafted by the notoriously bigoted, Zionist-backed neoconservative Henry Jackson Society (HJS). I wrote about the colour-blind racist report published by HJS last August and noted that HJS rather pathetically spun criticism of PREVENT as being linked to CAGE/“Islamists” who propound “deliberate misinformation”. All contentions were magically rendered “extremist” because CAGE had raised similar concerns which happened to have been raised by other organisations such as the National Union of Students. Tenuous does not even begin to describe the pathetic arguments.

The Daily Mail, though, has seemingly taken the specious neocon spin as its premise and proceeded to make HJS-style assertions through several questions raised to CAGE.

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