Telegraph Confirms Andrew Gilligan is a Liar

Andrew GilliganLiar

See also: Lies, Spin and Distortion: Archive of Articles on Andrew Gilligan’s Anti-Muslim Journalism

One of the achievements anti-Muslim “journalist” Andrew Gilligan will be able to frame in his house will be “Greatest Proliferator of Lies”. When it comes to turning up the heat and smearing members of the Muslim minority, perhaps at the behest of neoconservatives, Gilligan is the go-to man for desperate “connections”, half-baked claims and in some cases, utter lies.

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog piece on the neoconservative campaign to undermine the fight against the draconian, widely lambasted PREVENT counter-extremism policy. Gilligan’s article was exposed for having number of number outlandish claims. One of the cases which was being circulated in the media to demonstrate the impact of PREVENT was the “eco-terrorisme” case.  Gilligan claimed that the mother of child who had been referred via PREVENT, Ifhat Smith, was linked to campaign group Prevent Watch, and the Ennadha, which Gilligan explained was the Tunisian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Jahangir Mohammed’s Response to Andrew Gilligan’s “Sexed Up” Journalism

Andrew GilliganLiar

This is a response by Jahangir Mohammed to Andrew Gilligan’s efforts to undermine the movement against the civil-liberties-destroying PREVENT Strategy in which he was one of the subjects of Gilliganite smears. I analysed Gilligan’s many claims previously in the following piece here:

Andrew Gilligan and Neoconservative Extremists’ Campaign to Undermine Fight Against Draconian PREVENT

For a complete archive of Gilligan’s distortions on this blog, see below link:

Lies, Spin and Distortion: Archive of Andrew Gilligan’s Anti-Muslim Journalism

Crosspost: Jahangir Mohammed

Andrew Gilligan the London Editor of the Telegraph achieved notoriety whilst working at the BBC in 2003, when he produced a report on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in which he alleged a British government briefing paper on Iraq and weapons of mass destruction had been ‘sexed up’.

The response by the British State to that report likely led to Gilligan’s resignation from the BBC. During the Hutton Inquiry, Lord Hutton questioned the reliability of Gilligan’s evidence.

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More Desperate Press Smears Reinforces Bankruptcy of PREVENT Policy, Exposes Neoconservative Threat to Britain


In all honesty, I feel for the journalists working at establishment papers who have to churn out desperate and utterly dubious rubbish to protect the state’s totalitarian tendencies. Bills need to be paid, afterall. The Telegraph, with its history of neoconservatism is one such paper.  With the likes of Dean Godson, and Charles Moore, the Telegraph was, according to its former editor Martin Newland, effectively a mouthpiece for US and Zionist interests.  Today, the standard of journalism – or churnalism – is Andrew Gilligan-level: dubious state-propagandist tripe of the neoconservative variety.  And it seems with the stalled and now exhumed and resuscitated Telegraph piece attempting to a) delegitimise PREVENT opposition and advocacy group CAGE, and b) intimidate Muslim charities to not work with them, the neoconservative tradition of spin, deception and outright lies continues.

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Colchester Murder of Muslim Woman – Media and Political Complicity to a Holocaust in the Making

muslim woman

The saddening and tragic death of a Muslim woman, 31 year old Nahid Almanea in Colchester, Essex, who was beaten and then stabbed 16 times to death “allegedly” as a result of her Islamic attire, raises some serious questions and highlights the massive discrimination the Muslim minority faces.  The Saudi authorities as well as all other Arab countries from which Muslim students travel to the UK to study and contribute millions to the British economy as a result, should be warned about the threat the Muslim minority faces in Britain.

Were this a murder by a suspected Muslim of a non-Muslim white-woman, the entirety of the media spectrum would have given 24 hour coverage of the terrible act.  Muslim names with speculation of “Islamism” and “extremism” possibly influencing the suspects would have been “alleged”.  Discussions and debates would have ensued treating allegations as facts and “broader” debates would have been triggered within 48 hours of the death culminating into a boiling pot of questions surrounding integration, and the “Muslim problem”. The right-wing Daily Fail digesting media would have been raving and ranting in the comments attacking Islam, Muslims and dragging completely disconnected topics like Iran and Saudi Arabia into it, as if their governments represent the bastions of model Islamic governance.

In this case of the murder of the Muslim woman, we saw minimal coverage on news broadcasts, next to no discussions on far-right/neocon extremism which could have influenced the perpetrator of this potential terrorist attack, and definitely no discussions around inclusiveness of white supremacists who have vitriolic hatred for anything brown and covered or brown and bearded.  Instead we saw incredibly reserved, highly circumspect comments in articles such as the Daily Fail:


 “they should find out the facts first”

“surely this is speculation…”

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