Tahir Alam Issues Public Response to Banning Order


The former governor of Park View Educational Trust has issued a public response to a draconian banning order issued by Nicky Morgan. The undeniably political nature of the ban needs to be made the subject of judicial scrutiny, as the basis of the ban remains obscure and spurious upon analysis. Regardless of whether a court would exonerate Alam (and evidence of a structurally discriminatory judiciary impacted by anti-Muslim xenophobia exists), the fact remains the Department for Education and the rest of the politicised arms of the State (see here and here) remain comparatively lethargic or even non-existent when it comes to dealing with “extremist” traits in the Orthodox Jewish community (see here, here, here and here), or indeed in tackling allegations of “Christianist plots” to takeover “secular” state schools (see herehere and here).

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Post-Trojan Hoax: The Purging of Muslim Governors

I have previously brought to attention the purge of Muslim teachers from the education sphere. Recently, I have been informed from multiple sources, that the next phase of the “Muslim purge” in the educational sphere has begun: governors. These include instances where teachers, though not expressly banned from teaching, are now indirectly unable to progress their careers as a result of the banning.

My sources in Birmingham have been able to obtain letters which the Department for Education (DfE) has been sending to Muslim governors (there are differences between the letters, I am told).


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Birmingham Mail Allegedly Pulls Advert Celebrating Muslim School Success

The behaviour of the Department for Education, EFA, Birmingham City Council and Ofsted during the Trojan Hoax fiasco was shocking and irresponsible.  With the agenda-driven Michael Gove ordering snap inspections conducted by a biased Ofsted at schools in areas in which the demographic was mainly Muslim, and with the release of Ofsted reports at a critical time for the children who were preparing for their exams, media were swarming around the schools, placing undue, unwarranted strain and stress on the children.  Ofsted Inspectors took discriminatory measures which may have caused psychological harm to some pupils. 

The impact of this can be seen in the schools which were at the centre of this neocon war on Muslim children; Park View School had reportedly forecasted 73% but has achieved 58% A*-C including English and Maths, whilst Golden Hillock School, whose Riverside Church-linked teachers and governors allegedly added to the smearing of the school at such a significant period in time, looked set to achieve 58% but attained 45% A*-C including English and Maths.

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