Tahir Alam Issues Public Response to Banning Order


The former governor of Park View Educational Trust has issued a public response to a draconian banning order issued by Nicky Morgan. The undeniably political nature of the ban needs to be made the subject of judicial scrutiny, as the basis of the ban remains obscure and spurious upon analysis. Regardless of whether a court would exonerate Alam (and evidence of a structurally discriminatory judiciary impacted by anti-Muslim xenophobia exists), the fact remains the Department for Education and the rest of the politicised arms of the State (see here and here) remain comparatively lethargic or even non-existent when it comes to dealing with “extremist” traits in the Orthodox Jewish community (see here, here, here and here), or indeed in tackling allegations of “Christianist plots” to takeover “secular” state schools (see herehere and here).

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Post-Trojan Hoax: The Purging of Muslim Governors

I have previously brought to attention the purge of Muslim teachers from the education sphere. Recently, I have been informed from multiple sources, that the next phase of the “Muslim purge” in the educational sphere has begun: governors. These include instances where teachers, though not expressly banned from teaching, are now indirectly unable to progress their careers as a result of the banning.

My sources in Birmingham have been able to obtain letters which the Department for Education (DfE) has been sending to Muslim governors (there are differences between the letters, I am told).


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Yet More Trojan Hoax Half-Truths From Andrew Gilligan – The Debacle at Small Heath School


Gilligan is back on the Trojan Hoax train and this time he has targeted a Muslim head teacher in Birmingham.  His article, like his other clichéd, formulaic, propaganda material is a blatant attack on Islam itself. Not that we needed evidence of his bias.  We have already seen his favourable treatment towards the Jewish community whilst downplaying anti-Muslim crimes and disgustingly playing Jews off Muslims in the process (see also here). We have also seen how shoddy his lies and spin-ridden propaganda work is (see herehere and here)

Smear By Labelling

In this article, he attempts to make a link between the head teacher and the two brothers who left for Syria, by highlighting the fact that the brothers attended the school she was formerly at. Note, however, that there are damning allegations that UK security agencies had allowed the brothers to leave the UK and may have met them in Turkey.  Investigating this would constitute journalism though, something which Gilligan is clearly not.

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Post-Trojan Hoax: When “British Values” Bite


I felt a tendency to shake my head when I read a recent report highlighting the “equal” application of Ofsted guidelines in promoting “British values” to Christian and Jewish schools.

During the start of the Trojan Hoax attacks, state officials actively demonised Islamic beliefs by mixing orthodox practices with unsavoury acts in their statements, all the while dog-whistling Christian members of the public by suggesting some British values are “Christian”.  This was in tune with the broader political landscape at that time. Indeed, it has been strongly alleged that evangelical Christian teachers linked to Birmingham’s Riverside Church had major involvement in the writing of the fabricated “Trojan Horse” letter.  Teachers who brought allegations against Muslims included those of evangelical background, and the very same allegations against them were never investigated. Of course, such allegations, including Christian takeover plots (see here, here and here), were of no interest to the anti-Muslim, neocon Michael Gove. To scapegoat the Muslim minority only, while ignoring other schools, and to abuse the Muslim minority as some sort of glutton for punishment upon which the PREVENT Strategy which defines “British values” can be cemented, was nothing short of bullying and minority discrimination.

“British values” had become sacred in the attack against Islam and Muslims, as neoconservatives, scapegoating the Muslims, started to successfully engineer and impose these faux values for their longer-term agenda to court symbols necessary to unify and conform the people of Britain under a nationalist neo-religion which serves neoconservative interests.

Sometime after, though, Christian and Jewish faith schools began to feel some of the heat from the fire started by Michael Gove.

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Post-Trojan Hoax: More Muslim Teachers Suspended, Parents Patronised, Threatened with PREVENT Police Referral


Recently it was reported that the Muslim minority face the worst job discrimination of any minority group. Perceived as a “threat” and “disloyal” fuelled by the continuously increasing anti-Muslim atmosphere, Muslim men were 76% less likely to have a job compared to white British Christians.

The Muslim Purge Continues

The teachers at the Birmingham Trojan Hoax schools, now rendered unemployable thanks to a barrage of lies, twists and imposed interpretation of statements perhaps can relate to the above report. In a previous blog I noted how nine Muslim teachers (and one Sikh teacher) had been suspended. The latest news according to sources is that a further five Muslim teachers have been suspended. And so the Muslim purge continues. If anything the blatant Muslim targeting and discriminatory treatment is exasperated by the fact Golden Hillock School’s evangelical, controversial Riverside Church-linked Jo Tyler, who has serious allegations of nepotism, financial mismanagement and questionable contract-dealings, has still not been suspended pending further investigation.

It is not only the professional section of the schooling structure which has created a discriminatory atmosphere. According to sources, parents of children at Golden Hillock School are feeling the pressure from the agenda-driven incursion forced in by Michael Gove.

The Threat of PREVENT Police

I have heard of many anecdotal reports of PREVENT police acting possibly illegally, from putting off Islamic venues from hosting speakers and events to scaring mosques in order to discourage support for peaceful protests. The PREVENT officers, if reports are to believed, are the slightly timid form of the gestapo.

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