A Critical Overview of the Counter-Extremism Strategy

counter-extremism or counter liberties

“We will be absolutely clear about the people and groups we will not deal with because we find their views and behaviour to be so inconsistent with our own.”

~ Counter-Extremism Strategy document

Following on from my previous blog, I take brief look at the Counter-Extremism Strategy which has been published to much neocon fanfare and celebration.  Most of the measures have been either already implemented unofficially, or announced as upcoming proposals. I have covered these parts in detail in the following blogs:

In short, it’s the usual inevitable neoconservative mix of Machiavellian fear (“dangerous”, “poisonous”, “harmful”, “threat”, “extremists”, “Islamists”!), double speak (protect freedoms by curtailing them/“targeted powers” which are “flexible”/claiming “not about Islam” but advancing only “liberal” Islam), and irrationality (the Strategy is based on the PM’s assertions rather than empirical evidence, whilst conflating crime into the extremism discourse), not to mention implicit association with negative cultural practices with Islam and Muslims (or the phantom menace that are the “Islamists”), adding to the stigmatisation of the Muslim minority.

Any additional points? There are few which twiddled my whiskers as they say. Below is my elucidation of those points.

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PM’s Birmingham Speech, One-Nation Programme and the Fascist Neoconservative Threat to Britain


David Cameron in his speech said that in order to defeat extremism, the extreme ideology which underpins it must be confronted head on. I will confront an ideology which is already in power in Britain, and perpetuates fascism and violence in the name of values it does not believe in.

Looking back over the past decade, we witness the damage wrought by neconservatism in the US; the War on Terror which bequeathed us endless violence in Iraq and Afghanistan, civilian causalities amounting to genocide, torture, and the steady attrition of civil liberties thanks to legislation like the unconstitutional PATRIOT Act, which paved the way for unchecked power and increased surveillance. Muslim communities became the target of counter-subversion strategies and, what Professor Arun Kundnani calls, “COUNTELPRO 2.0” tactics:

“…the extensive surveillance of Muslim-American populations; the deployment of informants; the use of agents provocateurs; the widening use of material support legislation to criminalize charitable or expressive activities; and the use of community engagement to gather intelligence and effect ideological self-policing of communities. Significantly, such practices have been encouraged, organized, and legitimized by the radicalization models that law enforcement agencies adopted in the first decade of the twenty-first century.”[1]

Over a period of time, certainly in the US, the neocons have become almost taboo for the crimes they perpetrated, and the destruction they brought to civil liberties. As one American writer notes, “Neoconservative dreams of creating a hard-edged, neo-imperial American hegemony over the world died in the rubble of Iraq and Afghanistan.” Obama’s recent diplomatic agreement with Iran has further pained the neoconservatives, who have been consistently calling for a war against Iran.[2]

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Congratulating a Fascist Complicit to Genocide – Narendra Modi

NarendraModiHitlerBy Aurangzeb

The victory of Narendra Modi in the recent Indian elections has sent shockwaves through the world, not only because of his close ties to the fascist inspired RSS but also because of his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots which left thousands of Muslim dead in what is widely believed to have been state-sponsored mass murder and rape.


To understand why Narendra Modi is such a controversial figure it is important to look into his political background.

Narendra Modi began his political career in group called Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), National Volunteer Organisation. The RSS was founded in 1925 as an educational group to train Hindu men by character-building to unite the Hindu community,]counter British colonialism in India, and suppress Muslim separatism.Since its foundation it has espoused a nationalist agenda.The group drew inspiration from European right-wing groups during WWII.

Some of the most prominent figures of RSS deeply admired Fascism and Nazism, the two totalitarian movements that swept through Europe at the time. Naturam Godse, the man who assassinated Gandhi in 1948, was himself a former RSS member who felt that the Mahatma made too many generous concessions to the Muslims.

It was banned by the British Raj, and then thrice by the post-independence Indian government — first in 1948 when the aforementioned member of the RSS , Nathuram Godse,  assassinated Mahatma Gandhi; then during the emergency (1975–78); and after the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, where concurrently thousands of Muslims and hundreds of mosques were destroyed in an orgy of violence and hate by the RSS, which culminated in the destruction of a The Historic Barbari Mosque The bans were subsequently lifted. This is a pattern which would later be repeated in Modi’s state of Gujarat where the courts and police would collude to exonerate the perpetrators of violence against minorities.

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The Day Hitler Became Dictator

Cross-post from Abdurraheem Green’s Blog

On this day in March 23 1933 the The Enabling Act was passed that gave Hitler dictatorial powers.
Everyone should remember how a “civilised”, hard working, clever, ordered Christian nation embraced an evil, racist, nationalistic European idea called Fascism.

It still exists today.

Its proponents are still being elected.

News papers (or propaganda papers) still feed its evil narrative and politicians rise to been seen on it’s poisoned platform. Headlines today about Jews in Germany are the same word for word as those during the Nazi rise to power except for one word: Take out “Jew “and replace with “Muslim.” The Daily Mail which supported the fascists here before the war spews bile now about Islam and Muslims.

Take some time to remind yourself that within Europeans there exists a vicious, racist, supremacist, xenophobic undercurrent and read about Hitler’s rise to power! The idea of multiculturalism is something that modern Europeans are historically new to, and you can see from Cameron’s misguided and ill informed “multiculturalism is dead” speech (ironically delivered in Germany) in Feb 2011, where he expounds the academically discredited theory on “non-violent Islamic extremism” being a path to terrorism, and how these non-violent Muslim extremists (read please “ordinary practicing Muslims”) will be sidelined. We have seen how the goal posts have moved from then until now where there is talk of ASBOS for “radical” (whatever that is…make it up as you go along) preachers and passport confiscation and even making people stateless!

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