The double-standards on the CAGE episode are becoming more and more apparent


CROSSPOST: Alastair Sloan

Writer Francis Beckett has an interesting piece in the Guardian this morning regarding his fathers prominent role in Britain’s fascist movement. He reveals that from 1945 to 1955 his home was under MI5 surveillance, and states that he believes the government played a role in maintaining and even increasing his fathers radical beliefs.

My father came out of prison far more racist – and, in particular, antisemitic – than we went in: a phenomenon familiar to those who have studied wartime detention.

After the war, the constant surveillance, which he knew was there but could never pin down, made him just a little mad. He was noisy and entertaining, he could tell a good anecdote, but there was something strange about him. And sometimes he would say something about a race – about Jews or about black people – so gross and offensive that, even as a child in the 1950s, it made me start and stare.

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A Sinking PREVENT Tanker and Smearing Moazzam Begg

moazzam begg

The sinking tanker that is the PREVENT Strategy seems to be sinking faster with a further series of setbacks. And as the conveyor-belt theory crew from Quilliam and the Henry Jackson Society, propagandists from establishment media and smearists à la Harry’s Place go into overdrive to wrest the inevitable, the tanker keeps on losing its ballast.

preventStrategyStasiIt was meant to be plain sailing, it seems. The “Jihadi John” unveiling would have provided a convenient pretext to introduce further exclusionary and discriminatory measures: a Londoner radicalised presumably by hate-preachers who went onto become the most hated-man on earth. The measures have been introduced as conveniently “leaked” to the anti-Muslim government mouthpiece Andrew Gilligan, with the details being published in the Telegraph. The PREVENT surveillance programme has now been extended to job centres, there is a call for an “independent review” of Sharia courts, as Jewish Beth Din courts remain untouched, a ban on “radicals” working unsupervised with children for fear of brainwashing, and a raft of other measures to “get tough” in enforcing radical nationalism that is the neoconservative antidote to liberal laxity: “British values”.

Of course, Jihadi John would have been the perfect narrative for the above set of Stasi measures, but for a CAGE-shaped rock shearing the underside of the PREVENT tanker. Since then, it hasn’t been a stable ride. CAGE’s position has practically demonstrated the inefficacy of the PREVENT Strategy and in doing so, it has proven the academic deconstruction of PREVENT.

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