Is the government’s PREVENT ‘science’ really peer-reviewed?


Last month, CAGE published a report critiquing the flawed “science” underpinning the British government’s Prevent strategy.

Among the many criticisms in the report, some attention was given to the nature of the peer review process. At the time of writing, we did not envisage the importance of this single issue, particularly in light of the more substantive points we were making.

In conjunction with the launch of the report, the Guardian published a news article detailing how 140 academics had written an open letter to the government asking for the flawed science to be made available to academics and psychologists, in order for it to be scrutinised. In that very article, the Home Office responded to the report by stating that the study, used as a basis for Prevent, had been through a “peer review” process.

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Rupert Sutton’s Neocon Spin of CAGE’s PREVENT Pre-Crime Report


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Douglas Murray’s PREVENT Tantrum

The neocons and their enabler organisations have gathered themselves together and are dutifully churning out spin to discredit CAGE’s academically-supported report exposing the lack of basis for PREVENT and the CHANNEL deradicalisation programme.

In my last blog, I examined the arguments put forth to delegitimise the CAGE report by Henry Jackson Society (HJS) associate director Douglas Murray. In this blog, we will look at a HJS fellow’s attempt to do the same.

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