Taking the Biscuit: Eric Pickles’ Assault on Two Muslim Charities


Source: BBC

It was a matter of time really.  As the cold war on the Muslim minority of Britain hardens, the various cavalries of the neocons are invoked to make conditions harder for Muslims in Europe.  Through the slippery slope, from al-Muhajiroun, through to HTs, Salafis, and more recently Sufis, the entire spectrum of Islamic groups and beliefs and those who hold it are being criminalised and castigated.  The entire Muslim minority – barring various strands of “reformationists” and those who prop the neoconservative strategy of policy actualisation through fear-mongering  of an exaggerated or architected subversive “enemy” in the counter-extremism, civil liberties-eroding cabal – is under a concerted attack which is only set to worsen with the enactment of the new Counter-Terror Bill (CT Bill).

Hot on the heels of his blatantly anti-Muslim attack against Tower Hamlets, and probably after some extra tea and biscuits paid by taxpayers, Eric Pickles’ (Faith Minorities in Action Project) PREVENT-funding cut has targeted two respected charities demonstrating the slippery-slope nature of the discourse of PREVENT. Islamic Help, a charity which was founded in Birmingham within the bricks of Sultan Bahu Trust, has now been tainted with the yellow star of David of contemporary times: “extremism”. The Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) have had their funding cut, which is probably a good thing, as I wouldn’t want any charity to be part and parcel of a Muslim social re-engineering project.

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Neocon William Shawcross’ Charity Commission is Evidence of Muslim Minority Discrimination

The recent report by think-tank Claystone entitled Muslim Charities: A Suspect Sector has highlighted what many amongst the Muslim community, as aired by Stephen Bubb, knew (or perceived): a disproportionate targeting of Muslim charities is taking place.  This has been picked up by the mainstream media, (see here, here and here, for instance).

In summary, the report highlights some of what I have previously drew attention to here on the blog with regards to the questionable head of the Charity Commission, anti-Muslim neocon William Shawcross, his links to the notorious anti-Muslim Henry Jackson Society and the arbitrary securitisation of the Commission. Critically though, the report also highlights with substantive evidence, grave issues of concern, namely,

  • The shadowy process of designating actions or actors as “extremist”,
  • The designation of extremism and monitoring of charities without their knowledge,
  • The disproportionately high number of charities which are Muslim, being targeted.

Am I surprised?  Of course not.  This is perhaps the worst-kept secret of the neocon cold war on Islam and Muslims perpetuated by an elitist government.  The connection between public bodies or corporations which are being securitised and which result in political decisions to debilitate and incapacitate Muslims and Muslim organisation, thus acting as a biased judge, jury and executioner, has been exposed here on the blog before.  The HSBC bank, which closed the banks of prominent well-known Muslim personalities and their children has a former Mi5 head, known for illiberal views, on the board as a non-executive Director.  The Charity Commission has among other hawkish individuals, former head of counter-terrorism Peter Clarke on its board.  The Trojan Hoax incursion in the Birmingham schools, which is continuing its spread in London, Luton and other cities according to my sources, was investigated by Peter Clarke at the behest of neocon Michael Gove’s Department for Education, which funds the completely discredited Quilliam Foundation.  The link between neocons, the counter-extremism industry and those who were and still are running or influencing key bodies and the impact it has thus far had is glaringly untenable.

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