David Cameron’s Opportunistic Chanuka Speech Exposes Link between UJS and Muslim Minority Subversion


Is this one of the most hypocrisy-filled speeches ever? As I watched the video from Number 10 depicting David Cameron’s Chanuka Speech, I was surprised at seeing the number of bearded, skull-capped orthodox Jews in the presence of the Prime Minister. Compare this to the Eid message for instance in which he psychologically conditioned the “I am sorry” mentality in Muslims. Hardly any of the orthodox Muslim (“extremist”) community were present. On the contrary key discredited counter-extremism figures were visible. It was quite the contrast.

His Chanuka speech was exemplar material in demonstrating state Muslim minority discrimination. In an age of the PREVENT police state, which has resulted in a relentless re-engineering and then criminalisation of Islam in effort to make it devoid of its uniqueness, and shaping it to conform to Government ideals, the hypocrisy of Cameron being present giving a speech commending Chanuka couldn’t be more sharp. As Cameron himself explains, Chanuka celebrates the reassertion of the Jewish religious and cultural identity which was being targeted for erosion. For Cameron though, despite this celebration, the Jewish community have been a “model” community which has integrated with Britain whilst maintaining “important issues of religion and culture”. The message is clear. Jews can have their religious beliefs and culture supported and protected; Muslims are open season for social programming through “British values”.

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The Campaign against Shaykh Haytham is a Campaign against the Muslim Minority

Shaykh Haytham al-Haddad has his positions and I may or may not agree with his every fatwa, but a lot of the theology which he espouses is one which is held by the vast majority of the Muslims living in Britain and indeed around the world. Homosexuality being a sin, female circumcision (of the Type 1a variety) being scripturally grounded, the Shari’a a cornerstone of the Islamic faith are positions which are common to most if not all the Muslims in the UK, be they from a Salafi or Sufi background. These facets are all which fall within the right to hold an opinion, a non-derogable right which no one can interfere with, regardless of whether the interfering actor is private or public and is protected by innumerable International Legal Instruments. By preventing freedom of movement and association on the basis of an opinion held is an interference of that right. Labels are being assigned as they have been in the past. Even self-styled liberals adopt these labels wholesale, thus maintaining the status-quo against Islam as a religion, calling on venues and institutions to disallow a platform to Imams like Shaykh Haytham (hardly “liberal”). Continue reading