To be, or not to be; what is feminism?


Guestpost: Jamshed Javed

Allow me to begin by clarifying I am not female. I’m a man. And that’s OK, because no definition of feminism I could find necessitates me to be a woman to be a feminist. And whilst biology has spared me the monthly cramps and other assorted challenges women normally endure, I have a lifetime of gained vicarious experience from powerful women and the struggles they have been and continue to go through, primarily due to their gender.

My mother worked incredibly hard to ensure I always had the best opportunities in life, the finest education she could afford, and she always made time to give me her personal attention. My aunts all run successful businesses, creating jobs in and around Wales, whilst simultaneously raising their families, not easy, but a testament to the efforts of my grand-mother in raising all her children to be successful after the early passing of my grand-father, despite not being able to speak much English.

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British Values: White Men Attacking Muslim Women, Daily Fail Readers Blame Women

Whilst the debate continues to rage as to what exactly constitute British values, one thing is for sure, the call for the need to appropriate these values is white, Eton-College-sided.  Muslims who espouse an alternate world view, postulate their Islamic values proudly and decry the persecution of their religious comrades in countries afar, need a heavy dose of British values in case they become terrorists.

These British values are being imposed on Muslims colonialist-style – this, despite the fact that Muslims in Britain feel more British than white Britons.  However, there is still a deafening silence regarding the need to enforce these British values on the white majority of this country.  After all, according to Cameron, who enforces the discriminatory, human rights-flunking PREVENT definition of “extremism”, “mutual tolerance and respect” is a British value.

Given the amount of (negative) coverage Muslims get in the media, and the disproportionate (negative) focus on Islam and Muslim by government officials, not to mention the blatant Nazi-esque propaganda, distortion and lies both of these groups churn out on a daily basis, it is little wonder “white-crime” or racially/religiously-motivated attacks by the white majority, are on the rise.

According to a study by Dr Mathew Feldmen, Muslims are treated to a unique form of hate-crime, one which demonstrates the bravery, and extreme courage of the warped, assailants:

“Hate crime tends to be a male-on-male phenomenon. But here we are seeing exactly the opposite: white men under 30 attacking women wearing traditional Muslim dress,”

Some men even urged other men to rape a Muslim woman whose details were maliciously posted online.

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Should British Mothers Spy on Family at the Behest of the Police? Asim Qureshi Responds

The human rights organisation, CAGE and its Research Director Asim Qureshi lay bare the complexity behind the issue in a nuanced lucid manner avoiding hyperbole.  Qureshi exposes the fallacy of the approach currently been undertaken by the police and the (neocon) government.  Finally, a sane voice in the endless anti-Muslim/Islamist/radical-Muslim cacophony constantly being hurled at the Muslim minority.

The counter-terrorism police have been telling Muslim mothers to spy on their children in the context of Syria. This is nothing new and has been already happening at the local through PREVENT using and abusing Muslim women’s organisations.

Please read the detailed article exposing this here for more information.