Deceitful Andrew Gilligan’s Attack on Islam

Andrew GilliganLiar

Gilligan has been exposed here (and here) to be one deceitful writer.  His neocon motivations have led him to lie, deceive and distort, all with an aim to depict Muslims as sinister as possible and fulfil the neocon agenda.

In his latest piece, carrying an undertone of racism, he subtely maintains the “Muslim takeover” gist by starting out with the aspects which have been removed (Victorian buildings) and the group of people who haven’t: Muslims.  His article provide cherry-pickings of his deceit, peppered with what seems like a sales-pitch for PREVENT and the Channel programme – he sets out the entire article with the typical, colonialist, “moderate” and “radical” or “extremist” dichotomy. We all know where we have heard this language before.

Gilligan wants to somehow show that “extremist” preachers at Al-Manar masjid are exerting an influence on youth there. In doing so he highlights the Muthana brothers who are now purportedly fighting with ISIS.  The irony is he admits the link between the two aspects, (the masjid and the “radicalisation” of the brothers), is tenuous at best, stating:

“That’s not to say, of course, that they were necessarily radicalised at the mosque. But if you look at the kind of people who’ve been preaching there, it doesn’t seem impossible.”

He then proceeds to base most of his diatribe off the back of this unsubstantiated link.  Typical Gilligan. *Sigh*

Gilligan Attacks Islam

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