Andy Burnham Calls for Scrapping Prevent. Better Late than Never


CROSSPOST: Moazzam Begg

It’s now safe to call for abolishment of Prevent, after senior middle-class white politician has done so

The shadow home secretary, Andy Burnham, has joined the call to scrap Prevent, the UK’s anti-radicalisation programme. Using a term previously cited by senior police officers regarding the government programme to tackle extremism, the senior Labour politician described Prevent as “toxic”.

Last month, the police chief tasked with heading and implementing Prevent, Simon Cole, saidthat government plans to target non-violent “extremists” through the introduction of more legislation risked the creation of a British “thought police”.

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Where are the Neocon Free Speech Cheerleaders on the Topic of Israel?

Selective application and outrage of various freedoms is instructive of the neoconservative agenda to dehumanise and alienate Muslims as the manufactured enemy.

Neoconservatives have constructed their angst and hatred on the culturalist notions that the Muslim (“Islamist”) world is attacking free speech and therefore Western culture through responses to various provocations.  This is precisely the position held by anti-Muslim neocon Michael Gove.[1]

When Angela Merkel acceded to Ankara’s request to prosecute a comedian who recited an offensive poem about the Turkish president, neocons went into overdrive. To note, the Turks called on Merkel to enforce existing German law.

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As British Government leads CVE Globally, Britons Lead the Way in Opposing it


Facebook, Shelly Asquith

The NUS have taken action which represents yet another rebounding ripple caused by the impact of the totalitarian measures that are Britain’s spurious endeavours to tackle the ever obscure “extremism”.

As the government continues to spin its brainwashing, public surveillance programme as “child protection”, those implementing the PREVENT Strategy are seeing it for it really is. Teachers at the National Union of Teachers conference voted unanimously to reject the PREVENT Strategy.

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Andrew Gilligan and Neoconservative Extremists’ Campaign to Undermine fight against Draconian PREVENT


“Journalists need to check basic facts and ask simple questions about the identity and motivations of the people making these claims…”

So says Hannah Stuart of the Henry Jackson Society in Andrew Gilligan latest article attacking those critiquing the PREVENT Strategy.  The irony could not be more profound.

It has been a while since I have given some space here on the blog to our favourite neocon propagandist, Andrew Gilligan.  Perhaps it is because his role has been lately filled by David Daily Mail Cameron.

It seems the momentum against the civil-liberties violating, discriminatory PREVENT Strategy which has roused Muslims up and down the country to reject it outright, has unsettled some in the Home Office.  RICU, its propaganda department has gone into over drive and the right-wing press have been all too happy implement the Henry Jackson Society’s spin bible for damage limiting the reputation of a failed policy.

He certainly delivered the trademark Gilligan goods: spin, distortion and unconvincing attempts to smear.  His target this time is a relatively new organisation which has been documenting abuse cases resulting from PREVENT, Prevent Watch (PW).

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Desperate, Deceitful and Discriminatory: The Attempt by Neocons to Spin Muslim Resistance to PREVENT

Times Muslims Silent on Terror.png


First it was the modern day Der Strumer, the Sun’s headline that “one in five Muslims sympathise with jihadis”, and now we have its upper class equivalent and fellow Murdoch paper, the Times, publishing the front page headline that Muslims are ‘silent on terror’.

The inflammatory paper headline has since been modified in the online version to “Muslims ‘stay silent’ on extremism tip-off scheme”, which remains misleading; Muslim are in fact vocal on the “extremism tip-off scheme”. The barrage of criticism of the policy – that it targets the Muslim minority, its religious manifestations and creates a surveillance state – is just now being amplified in the media. On top of this, the cacophony of inferiority-complex ridden Muslim organisations and “Imams” constantly disassociating and condemning acts of violence, reinforcing the acceptability of the collective punishment for the crimes of a few, is well-established.

Times Muslims silent on extremism scheme.png

Online version of the headline changed.

To add to the negative stereotyping and dehumanisation of the Muslim minority by insinuating Muslims are endangering the country, an image of a veiled Muslim woman is plastered at the top.

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CAGE publishes leaked PREVENT training DVD


CAGE has published the PREVENT training DVD for public consumption, thus ensuring government transparency and therefore accountability. The dismal “training” video will turn teachers, for instance, into surveillance specialists fit to discern the “signs of radicalisation” “vulnerable individuals. Note that PREVENT has been heavily influenced and penetrated by GCHQ, which has encouraged “intelligence analysis” as part of the Strategy.  Muslims have been discriminatorily bearing the brunt of this policy for many years.

Decades from now, when books are written about Britain’s, dark Stasi-esque era, I envisage a chapter on PREVENT and the accompanying miscarriages of justice. Who knows, perhaps it will be called the “MayCarthy” era after Theresa May the extremist.

A point to note is that some in the DVD may not hold the same views, having being exposed to the PREVENT policy.  Jahan Mahmood, for instance, who features in the DVD, has now become a noted critic of the policy and has frequently raised the issue of neocons in power, and their duplicitous policies, both foreign and domestic in public interviews.

Crosspost: CAGE

(London, UK) A source has leaked crucial elements of the PREVENT training module WRAP to CAGE and now for the first time, and in the interest of greater public debate and scrutiny, CAGE is publishing the material.

The DVD clips can be downloaded from these links (here, here, here, here, here, here and here.)

The training DVD makes several simplistic assumptions that are empirically untested, ineffective and raises more questions than it seeks to answer. This may increase the likelihood that ‘extremism’ will be over-reported contributing to growing islamophobia.

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Post-Trojan Hoax: No Accountability as Teachers are Silenced


It has been nearly a year since the Trojan Hoax farce kicked-off the creation of a pretext operation for the establishment of the “British values” agenda, the mandatory implementation of the PREVENT Strategy, and the demonisation of the Muslim minority as a “fifth column” through the “entryism” bluster, which castigates Muslims for lobbying change through democratic means.

The Trojan Hoax has been proven by the Education Select Committee to be a sham. Despite this, Andrew Gilligan, who I have comprehensively exposed as a journalist of extreme disrepute using tactics inherited from American Zionist Islamophobes, continues to churn out smearathons, this time perpetuating his new “Islamist entryism” fetish, woefully attacking key Islamic personalities.

Michael Gove remains untouched by the scandal as he “back-seat” drives the Department for Education (DfE) whilst continuing his Christian dog-whistling.  He did his job – subverting government bodies and attacking Islam and Muslims – and was conveniently removed from the limelight thereafter. Theresa May, David Cameron, and others, all used this scandal (and continue to do so despite it being “officially” disproven) to bolster xenophobic policies.

No apologies, no policy trackbacks and no compensation. Instead we have policies hardened, and “influenced” by Zionists hands, and further injustices being committed.

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