Taking the Biscuit: Eric Pickles’ Assault on Two Muslim Charities


Source: BBC

It was a matter of time really.  As the cold war on the Muslim minority of Britain hardens, the various cavalries of the neocons are invoked to make conditions harder for Muslims in Europe.  Through the slippery slope, from al-Muhajiroun, through to HTs, Salafis, and more recently Sufis, the entire spectrum of Islamic groups and beliefs and those who hold it are being criminalised and castigated.  The entire Muslim minority – barring various strands of “reformationists” and those who prop the neoconservative strategy of policy actualisation through fear-mongering  of an exaggerated or architected subversive “enemy” in the counter-extremism, civil liberties-eroding cabal – is under a concerted attack which is only set to worsen with the enactment of the new Counter-Terror Bill (CT Bill).

Hot on the heels of his blatantly anti-Muslim attack against Tower Hamlets, and probably after some extra tea and biscuits paid by taxpayers, Eric Pickles’ (Faith Minorities in Action Project) PREVENT-funding cut has targeted two respected charities demonstrating the slippery-slope nature of the discourse of PREVENT. Islamic Help, a charity which was founded in Birmingham within the bricks of Sultan Bahu Trust, has now been tainted with the yellow star of David of contemporary times: “extremism”. The Muslim Charities Forum (MCF) have had their funding cut, which is probably a good thing, as I wouldn’t want any charity to be part and parcel of a Muslim social re-engineering project.

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Inverting Democratic Principles: A Week’s Snapshot of Neocon Britain


Democratic principles. Do they even mean anything anymore? As the war on Islam under the blusters and smokescreen of Islamism intensifies in neocon discourses, eventually manifesting themselves in the continued war in Iraq (again), the war closer to us at home, here in Britain, is also taking causalities vis-à-vis individual rights of each Briton.

The common argument made amongst the neocon/extremist secular liberal circles is that Islam, or “Islamism” is a threat to the West. That it threatens our “freedoms”. How the neocons view “freedoms” is a topic of another article for another day, however suffice to say, their concept of individual liberty is understood from an interpretation of collectivism, where individual liberties must give way to the “common good” or the “public interest”. As the Jewish philosopher Leo Strauss, the philosophic inspiration for the neocons expresses, that in all cases, “the common good must be preferred to the private good” without exception. (Leo Strauss, Natural Right and History, pp.160-161)

Thus, those in power, have no problem riding over emphatically defined individual rights whilst covering-up their own wrongs in pursuit of these obscure notions.

With this in mind, what has our government been up to in the past week or so?

The first news is actually sort of positive, but not so for the UK government. Under Tony Blair’s regime, (yes that notorious neocon who is now seeking a new World War) Libyan politician Abdel Hakim Belhaj and his wife were captured in Britain and flown out to Libya to be tortured by Tony’s friend, Muammar Gaddafi’s security forces. In attempting to sue the MI5/6, Government and Jack Straw (the then Foreign Secretary of State), Government sought “immunity from accountability”. In the latest report by the Guardian it highlights that they threw more “dubious excuses” to stall the Court of Appeal hearing. On the Court’s decision in allowing the case to be heard, Cori Crider, a director of the human rights organisation Reprieve and the family’s US lawyer, said,

“The government so fears this case going to trial that they have stalled for years by throwing up a parade of scarecrows”

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