Deformist Subversions: “British Islam” Architects and Shaista Gohir



There are certain things in life which you simply do not do.  Reducing the benefits of the most vulnerable in society, like the disabled. Taking a country to war based on lies.  Abusing children as the BBC and powerful elites turn a blind eye.  And, of course, working with those linked to the notorious Quilliam Foundation.

ISB’s senior leadership, whilst leaving their former president Ahtsham Ali hanging as yet another victim in Michael Gove’s war on Islam, has had no qualms about liaising with and even defending deformists like Quilliam’s Usama Hasan, for instance.  Connected to this group of individuals are people like Dilwar Hussain, former ISB president and a deformist who is listed among the personnel at the pro-Israel, neoconservative Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), which influences the global Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) imperial agenda.

“British Islam”

The past week saw a chummy deformist get together to discuss the neocon-cherished topic of “British Islam”. Organised by Hussain’s New Horizons in British Islam, speakers in attendance provided for a who’s who list of opportunist spin-doctors and deformists. Thus speaking at the seminar was ISD “senior researcher” Rashad Ali, known for is dubious contortions of Islam, subversion of Muslim communities, his close relationship with anti-Muslim propagandist Andrew Gilligan and promoting Zionist propaganda. The state-approved Fiyaz Mughal, Usama Hasan of the Quilliam/neocon, far-right linked Muslim Reform Movement, and his newly acquired colleague Salah al-Ansari also made an appearance.

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Milking the Dead Trojan Horse: White Supremacist Tim Boyes and the Birmingham Education Partnership


During the height of the Trojan Hoax debacle which unfolded in Birmingham mid-last year, corroborated sources, who named their own source, confirmed to me that among the many hands involved in drafting the fabricated “Operation Trojan Horse” letter, were a number of evangelical Christians connected to the controversial Riverside Church.

A Recap

Among the anti-Muslim heads, was Tim Boyes, the current head teacher of Queensbridge School in Birmingham.

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Post Trojan Hoax: Did Park View Educational Trust Have Prior Knowledge of Snap Inspections?


Through the Trojan Hoax affair, the one thing I have realised is that whenever hype is required to push a policy, there will be some sort of “leak” of a “damning” document to the press beforehand. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is a reality. From the various leaked reports about Park View Education Trust (PVET) falling into Andrew Gilligan’s hands (see  here also), to the “leak” of former counter-terrorism head Peter Clarke’s Trojan Hoax investigation report to the press which concluded there was an “orchestrated plot”, pipping Ian Kershaw’s report a day earlier which concluded the opposite.   And now we have another “leak” of Ofsted reports on faith school’s in London.

For a government known for the extent it will go to cover-up its own dirt, these are a lot leakages.

Whereas snap inspections are flawlessly executed without the knowledge of schools subjected to them (which need to be purged of Muslims and their beliefs if necessary), there seems to be some strange behaviour with those schools which are postively linked to government departments in some way.

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The Ventriloquism at Park View Trust Post-Trojan Hoax


Park View Trust which was at the centre of the neocon incursion into Birmingham had its governing body dismantled, despite exposing many of the lies which were being pedalled by the media. In a mutual agreement between the governors and the Department for Education, strong assurances were made to governors and parents that there will be transparency in all the process in selecting the new leadership team. As mentioned in a previous blog, Colin Diamond, head of academies and free schools, promised parents and former governors at Park View School, Golden Hillock School and Nansen Primary, that the process of choosing governors would be influenced and driven by the community and parents.

Opaque Appointments and Policies

Parents of children at the school and other sources have confirmed that there is absolutely no transparency at the school. Appointments and policies are being discussed without any consultation or discussion with the parents.

The Executive head of Park View Academy is Adrian Packer. As of now, parents are unaware of how he was appointed. A concerned parent who did not want to be named told my source:

“We have effectively been shut out. It seems after the Trojan horse lies, this is how us Muslims will be treated when it comes to appointing senior members of the leadership of the school.”


Jo Tyler is friends with “whistle-blower” Karen Slater

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You’re Right Peter Clarke, There is an Orchestrated Plot…


Contrary to Ian Kershaw’s (methodologically flawed) report, in the report leaking the DfE investigation into the Birmingham schools, Clarke states,

“The tactics that have been used are too similar, the individuals concerned are too closely linked and the behaviour of a few parents and governors too orchestrated for there not to be a degree of coordination behind what has happened.”

Interestingly, the above statement is another way of saying “we actually do not have clear, explicit evidence of takeover plot”. Despite this, I agree with Clarke’s statement – when it is applied to his little clique. Let’s apply this deduction to what happened in the government organs.

Michael Gove founded the neoconservative think-tank Policy Exchange in 2002, notorious for fabricating receipts in order to prove “extremist” material was being sold in masaajid. The report was authored by anti-Muslim Denis MacEoin who has been on record to state that he has very “negative feelings” about Islam.

Peter Clarke as early as 2008 was a member of the Advisory Council for Policy Exchange.

In 2008, at Quilliam’s launch, Michael Gove was listed as an advisor in their efforts to counter the “Islamist-Wahhabite” threat. In 2010 Gove was still listed as an advisor before the list was removed from the site for the sake of “privacy”.

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Ofsted’s Michael Wilshaw Left Red-Faced by Parents in Birmingham

ofstedattackingIslamWilshawGiving his evidence, or rather, stories concocted from facts, lies and distortions peppered with some spices, the “political weapon”, Michael Wilshaw stated that he had spoken to parents in Birmingham and had been “hugely impressed” by them. What he did not mention that he was left stumbling for words after parents asked him probing questions.

The meeting was held at 6.30pm on 25th June at the Council House in Birmingham and it was organised by Liam Byrne MP.  It was a closed meeting and invitees were given 48 hours’ notice. The invitees were told that they could bring along a few people to the meeting.  24 hours later the invitees were asked to provide names of the people they were going to bring.

It is claimed by the parents who attended that Wilshaw dodged many questions and partially acknowledged failures on the part of Ofsted.

Shifting Goalposts and “Conservative Islam”

As already mentioned Michael Gove’s definition of extremism varies with the already controversial PREVENT definition. Being significantly broader, his problem is with orthodox Islam itself.  Whitehall officials have stated that,

“he thinks anybody who holds conservative Muslim views is a bit of an extremist.

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Park View School Children and (White) Trust Member, Teachers Speak Out


It’s sad to highlight the race and religion of the members speaking out for the statements to be given credence. However, the truth is that the weight of the words of the Muslim minority are not treated in the same manner, and therefore it is necessary to bring out the racial and religious attributes. Call it white privilege, racism, Islamophobia or minority discrimination; the reality is our voices are not equal. It is incredibly disgusting to malign Islam and Muslims on the basis of a fabricated plot, and it is worse for the government to act upon it despite voices to the contrary in the community and the school.

In a strong response to the fabricated Trojan Horse allegations (which the government is still using as a pretext to push policy), key members of the Trust and the children themselves do the talking, and the in doing so they bring out the true image of Park View school. The Guardian has also conducted their investigation and reported their findings which broadly reflect the video. The school is an outstanding school in terms of achievement and character building. The video highlights that in 1994, 4% of the children were achieving A*- C. In 2013, a whopping 83% of the students were achieving A*-C grades in Maths and English.

Practising Anglican Christian and the (white) Vice Chair of Park View Trust, David Hughes, said that he was proud that they offered halal food, the school offered prayer facility for children and it does ask them to respect honour and celebrate their culture. He confirmed that the school respects diversity and he is proud of the steps the schools has taken and the journey it has undergone to achieve that:

“It is the best performing school of its type in the country and the city.”

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