Gilligan’s Bigotry against Islam and Park View School, Priest from Small Heath School Speaks Out

One must question the closeness of Gilligan’s crusade against the formerly high achieving Parkview School and the tying together of possible administrative issues with the extremism agenda. After all, it has already been highlighted that there have been procedural irregularities on the part of the several inspections Park View schools has undergone thus far, these include, and are certainly not limited to,

a)      Inconsistent procedures – what procedures were employed to rank the school high-achieving before and which has now resulted in the Ofsted rating being lowered – Were Ofsted previously inept at their job or are they being forced into doing a government-toed, media-driven job?

b)      Ofsted leaking confidential reports before being quality assured to Gilligan

c)       Inspectors asking leading, engineered questions which produce particular answers, making the students uncomfortable

d)      Selective assessment by the inspectors (taking pictures of a wall about Islam, ignoring posters about multi-cultural societies)

e)      Anti-Muslim, biased inspectors as judged from their remarks about “beards” and Muslim men (ignoring the fact that schools was in an area in which the demographic was high in Muslims), leading questions asked of students and even innuendo

As the assistant-head Mr Cladingbowl rightly asked, “How can we have faith in the fairness of the inspection after that?”

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