Post-Trojan Hoax: Allegations of High-Level “Tactical Nepotism” at Park View Trust


Nepotism is one of the allegations which was relentlessly hammered against the Muslim teachers at Park View Trust, which, fuelled by leaks by questionable teachers (who these are and what their positions are now will be elaborated on in a follow up expose) to the contradiction of other (non-Muslim) teachers, mutated into what Peter Clarke in his methodologically flawed, lop-sided “investigatory” report, called an “orchestrated plot”.

Nepotism, though is only problematic if it happens to be Muslims allegedly practising it. White evangelical Christians who purportedly do the same though, are not problematic and do not attract similar levels of smear and demonisation. If anything this demonstrates the institutionalised discrimination pervading neocon Britain today.

“Tactical Nepotism” by Colin Diamond

New allegations of nepotism extend to the upper echelons of the school employees. Sources close to PVET are stating that, Kamal Hanif, the Chair of PVET, assured parents that Tony Wilson, the principal of Golden Hillock School (PVET Academy), had come through a rigorous process of recruitment.

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Post-Trojan Hoax: More Muslim Teachers Suspended, Parents Patronised, Threatened with PREVENT Police Referral


Recently it was reported that the Muslim minority face the worst job discrimination of any minority group. Perceived as a “threat” and “disloyal” fuelled by the continuously increasing anti-Muslim atmosphere, Muslim men were 76% less likely to have a job compared to white British Christians.

The Muslim Purge Continues

The teachers at the Birmingham Trojan Hoax schools, now rendered unemployable thanks to a barrage of lies, twists and imposed interpretation of statements perhaps can relate to the above report. In a previous blog I noted how nine Muslim teachers (and one Sikh teacher) had been suspended. The latest news according to sources is that a further five Muslim teachers have been suspended. And so the Muslim purge continues. If anything the blatant Muslim targeting and discriminatory treatment is exasperated by the fact Golden Hillock School’s evangelical, controversial Riverside Church-linked Jo Tyler, who has serious allegations of nepotism, financial mismanagement and questionable contract-dealings, has still not been suspended pending further investigation.

It is not only the professional section of the schooling structure which has created a discriminatory atmosphere. According to sources, parents of children at Golden Hillock School are feeling the pressure from the agenda-driven incursion forced in by Michael Gove.

The Threat of PREVENT Police

I have heard of many anecdotal reports of PREVENT police acting possibly illegally, from putting off Islamic venues from hosting speakers and events to scaring mosques in order to discourage support for peaceful protests. The PREVENT officers, if reports are to believed, are the slightly timid form of the gestapo.

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Gilligan’s Bigotry against Islam and Park View School, Priest from Small Heath School Speaks Out

One must question the closeness of Gilligan’s crusade against the formerly high achieving Parkview School and the tying together of possible administrative issues with the extremism agenda. After all, it has already been highlighted that there have been procedural irregularities on the part of the several inspections Park View schools has undergone thus far, these include, and are certainly not limited to,

a)      Inconsistent procedures – what procedures were employed to rank the school high-achieving before and which has now resulted in the Ofsted rating being lowered – Were Ofsted previously inept at their job or are they being forced into doing a government-toed, media-driven job?

b)      Ofsted leaking confidential reports before being quality assured to Gilligan

c)       Inspectors asking leading, engineered questions which produce particular answers, making the students uncomfortable

d)      Selective assessment by the inspectors (taking pictures of a wall about Islam, ignoring posters about multi-cultural societies)

e)      Anti-Muslim, biased inspectors as judged from their remarks about “beards” and Muslim men (ignoring the fact that schools was in an area in which the demographic was high in Muslims), leading questions asked of students and even innuendo

As the assistant-head Mr Cladingbowl rightly asked, “How can we have faith in the fairness of the inspection after that?”

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